Whingers at it again

farminglad, Dec 3, 7:52pm
If you dont like the smell dont buy there and if you have live there suck it up as this plant has been there for years.

junie2, Dec 3, 7:58pm
I can't imagine anyone would "like" the smell. And the fact is, the city is growing, people spread out into it, and they shouldn't have to consider excluding a huge zone around an attractive river , shopping precinct and parks etc, which also contains a smelly factory. The ideal for everyone would be for council to help the owner establish in a non-residential area.

fekim, Dec 3, 8:34pm
An attractive river? The river at that location is the dirtiest in ChCh. The bloke who developed the Tannery has been very vocal from day one. He moved into the area and embarked on a mission to get the factory closed down. He's got money and thinks he can get whatever he wants to suit his own agenda.
It's mostly an industrial area anyway. What happens if he gets Gelita shut down? Will it be the fish factory next, the tank farm? The list is quite large really.

kacy5, Dec 4, 9:53am
People move to rural areas because they think it is 'quiet' but then complain about machinery noises, roosters crowing, mooing and baaing from weaned stock, stags roaring and, of course, dogs barking. Then they start on the smells from farms that have been there many years. Don't like rural noises, don't move there as I can assure you at many times of the year it certainly isn't 'quiet' at all. I forgot the bird scarers, one has just gone off.

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 10:01am
People have EVERY right to winge if the factory is in breach of its consents .

coro2, Dec 4, 11:05am
We live a fair distance from the factory and the wind blows that smell here. It is a sickening smell. So , it is not just the people who live near it who do not like it. Like the above person has said, the factory is in breach of consents. I am sure if original poster had to smell the foul smell they would not like it either.

slimgym, Dec 5, 6:42am
when the factory was built there was no consents needed

junie2, Dec 5, 12:14pm

bassmo1, Dec 5, 5:36pm
Wooston is known for it, we didn't even consider living there.

gymee1, Dec 5, 9:10pm
The factory is not the Problem, it is all the lawn clippings, garden waste and general rubbish that is thrown in from Upstream. I live two houses from the river and the stink in summer is putrid. Oh and whenever there is a flood it is not unusual to see human faeces and toilet paper coming down the river. I guess that is why in some parts of the river there are signs warning of pollution. We have yet to smell the Geltat factory but quite often there is a stink of rotting fish

benfolds, Nov 8, 4:40pm
Are the Fendalton whingers still whining about that funeral home going into their fancy street?

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