Chlorinated Water and Pets

hidecote01, May 31, 2:35pm
My cat is having kidney problems suddenly. Has this happened to anyone else's pet since the chlorination of Chch's water. In Harewood my water is very much affected by the treatment.

cosimo, May 31, 3:24pm
How old is your pet? Kidney failure is a common cause of death in cats after they reach 12 years.

anntig, May 31, 3:38pm
As a groomer I'm seeing an increase in skin issues and hearing about more digestive and respitory issues since this came in.
My own animals wouldn't drink it so we looked at the alternatives and found adding ascorbic acid (vitamin C) was the easiest and cheapest solution 1/4 teaspoon in a 3L jug completely neutralizes chlorine fast and can barely be tasted.

brightlights60, May 31, 3:45pm
I was at the vets a week or two back and they were being inundated with pets with all kinds of irritations. Bad enough in this household with skin issues. Everyone has a rash. Wish they would get the mix at least consistent!

hidecote01, May 31, 4:28pm
I am taking the cat to the vet tomorrow morning and she is fifteen so could be kidneys. Last night and three weeks ago she urinated in her sleep. She is drinking a lot but still eating well and looking ok. My psoriasis has flared up since the water has been treated.

taipapaki, May 31, 4:43pm
Chlorine is easy to get out of water if it bothers you. Just leave it sitting in an open container for 24 hours in a slightly drafty place. Chlorine is a gas at standard temperature and pressure, and will soon disperse naturally, like soda bubbles in an open carbonated drink.

shannie1998, May 31, 5:33pm
The dogs wont drink it.
We've been putting out buckets to collect rain water and bottling it for them.

The water we drink is going through a filter jug but you can still faintly smell the chlorine a couple of days later

hidecote01, May 31, 5:37pm
I have brought a filter jug and find it better than straight from the tap.

bethd754, Jun 4, 3:22pm
Bought a water filter jug. It saves me a lot of money compared when i was buying even the very cheap 10 litres budget water from supermarket worth $6.49. the filter last up to a month or up to 150 litres.

bethd754, Jun 4, 3:24pm
I did that and other suggestion that it might work but the taste and the smell still very strong

calista, Oct 8, 7:06pm
My cat has either rainwater from her bowl outside or water that has been through a filter jug. She dips her paw into the water to drink so I thought it was safer to filter it for her as she is elderly and I'm not sure her kidneys are up to scratch.

My hair (long) seems more tangled, even with using conditioner.

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