How can I test the water from my bore.

doggybear, Jun 10, 11:24am
to see if it's safe? The water in the house stinks and tastes horrible, but the water from the tap outside tastes fine.

cronezone, Jun 10, 11:34am
Not sure if this is much use,but (like every other link its applicable to being in the USA) if its possible to buy water testing kits here,it might help.

doggybear, Jun 10, 11:44am
Thank you :) I'll check it out.

andrew697, Jun 10, 12:13pm
You either use a private water testing facility or pay for testing at CCC Water Testing Laboratory (over brighton way).

You need to discuss/decide what you want tested.

For example: e.coli, nitrates, manganese, copper, iron and loads more!

Ring CCC and get their Laboratories contact details.

Otherwise, use a private testing facility., Jun 10, 3:25pm
From your bore? You have your own well? I get consistently great water throughout the farm from my bore, have you checked your internal water tank to see if you have anything dead in it?

andrew697, Jun 10, 6:10pm
We have a bore and whilst the water quality meets the required standard - it isn't great.

granda1, Oct 7, 9:15am
Hills Laboratory do a great job. But if the water at your tap by the well head is fine, but inside the house is not, then it is time to do a really thorough check of any inside tank.

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