Xmas lilies

choccy2, Dec 15, 3:09pm
What is the cost to buy on the side of the road?

articferrit, Dec 15, 4:15pm
$1 a bud for sale near my place.

lyndad59, Dec 15, 5:02pm
Saw some in Countdown & they were $15 a stem ! Some only had 4 buds .

perfumeandchis, Dec 15, 5:29pm
i bought a bunch of about 5 stems of the pink fragrant lillies from my vege shop for $5.99 a bunch

harrislucinda, Dec 16, 10:29am
saw $12 a bunch not sure how many buds

kassie48, Dec 16, 2:54pm
Florist at The Palms had them potted & in flower, $19.00 wished I had bought. Too hot to go back.

doggybear, Nov 6, 2:50pm
I couldnt believe I saw some in the Botanical Gardens-What was more amazing was the fact that they were still there !

They were out of the way a wee bit too. Hmmmmm

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