Christchurch to Clyde

lazkaz, Apr 22, 5:16pm
Hi there, the bus apparently goes to Dunedin then Clyde, so does anyone know of a bus that goes directly to either Clyde or Cromwell, with a connecting shuttle to Clyde. I will put this in other threads. Thanks in advance.

tygertung, Apr 22, 6:04pm
I think Atomic shuttles is the one you want. Goes directly to central Otago, does not go to Dunedin last time I checked.

lazkaz, Apr 22, 7:13pm
Thanks it does not work out but will ring actually during the week. I would have thought Central Otago would be a popular place to go.

coralsnake, Apr 22, 9:12pm
Try Intercity who does have service - there is 1 transfer.

coralsnake, Apr 22, 9:18pm
Intercity to either Dunedin or Queenstown then:

lazkaz, Oct 14, 4:17pm
Yes that's right, through to Dunedin then back up. A long trip. I will check out the Ritchies buses. Thanks very much.

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