brightlights60, May 15, 10:07pm
I think we may have a bit of Winter chill creeping in. Just checked the 10 day forecast and the temps are really dropping.

foal30, May 16, 12:15am
Winter is coming

tygertung, May 16, 4:03am
It may well be seasonable. Towards the middle of the year the days get shorter and the sun gets lower in the sky so there is less heat.

slimgym, May 16, 10:47am
well I don't care, I am over it already, headcold lasting 5 days

tygertung, May 16, 6:20pm
It could be because the sun is lower in the sky, the light has more atmosphere to travel through and it loses its intensity.

jonners2013, May 17, 7:31pm
got the heaters on this evening, that's for sure.

lindylambchops1, May 27, 10:29am
Not a happy bunny here either as I have bronchial pneumonia! Coughing my lungs up! Plus thrush on my tongue! Have a stack of meds to take! I will survive! 😉👍

brightlights60, May 29, 9:47am
You poor bugger. Had that a few years ago and so not fun. Actually caught it in hospital when in for something else. Took around 3-6 months to shake off, and yes, rattled with "special" pills they had to order in! Flippen resistant bugs these days.

gymee1, May 29, 11:09am
Feel sorry for you, suffer from Osteoarthritis myself and The pain is really starting to kick in.

brightlights60, May 31, 11:19am
Gosh, the older I get the more I notice the places where bones have been broken, metal ware put in all hurts like heck in the cold. Takes a bit to get going on cold mornings!

fostey1, Jun 3, 8:22am
Well I am over this rainy weather already and according to metservicd the only bit of sun available to us will be next Friday! Ive got a cold and my 2 year old has one as well. this is the chch winters I can't stand! Give me a crisp sunny day anyday!

lyndad59, Jun 3, 11:34am
Husband been sick all week decided to go to Drs yesterday & on 2 lots of pills :( Last night he didn't cough his lungs up SO finally we both got good night sleep

supern0va, Oct 9, 10:09am

Last weekend. Will be far more scenic this weekend I imagine.

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