kasper2002, Dec 12, 5:37pm
I have a small 1996 car that is fine in every respect except that the roof needs repainting. A quote from a large panel-beaters that I know would do a good job is $700 inc. GST. As the car is only worth about $2k I am looking for someone who could do a reasonable job on the roof for about half this figure and which would last for at least 5 years. Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks in advance.

das.newzealand, Dec 12, 5:52pm
Try Brad at 021415320.small one man band shop.

kasper2002, Dec 12, 6:15pm
Many thanks!

brightlights60, Dec 13, 7:30am
I have a great guy, same prob with my car, I suggest going to see a few and asking for a discount for cash.

sw20, Dec 15, 12:39pm
Tax avoidance eh?

trade4us2, Dec 15, 2:36pm
How about 4 spraycans of paint for about $40?

kasper2002, Dec 16, 8:02pm
Have tried this thanks - doesn't look that great!

cagivachick1, Nov 6, 4:49pm
for a 2k car is it worth it?

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