Power internet and phone

mummytummy100, Apr 28, 1:50pm
I am moving into a flat what company's do power, internet and phone all together please and what is the cheapest Thank you :-)

twigness, Apr 28, 5:01pm

tygertung, Oct 13, 2:55pm
Trustpower the most expensive option.

We are using Flip for our phone and internet. $59.95 a month, no contracts or anything https://flip.co.nz/what-does-flip-cost/ It rolls over if you don't use all your data. We are using Contact for our power, low user online ontime day night plan. 20% prompt payment discount. https://contact.co.nz/ Cheapest for power is Flick, but we are having problems with a private streetlight at the moment so can't change yet. https://www.flickelectric.co.nz/ Check powerswitch to find out who will be cheapest for you https://www.powerswitch.org.nz/

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