Water use increases, pressure may drop

jeffm13, Dec 5, 5:44pm

If you go around the Wigram area near Sioux Avenue you'll notice that some residents run their sprinkler on the berm, because the soil in that area is worthless. The water goes through the soil, it isn't retained. As a result the grass is all dead and the residents run their sprinklers all through the day.

ryanm2, Dec 5, 6:04pm
I was out in Prebbleton (elwood grove? ) and 3 homes had their sprinklers going yesterday. I couldn't believe it.

jeffm13, Dec 5, 6:21pm
yeah m8 fcuk the lawn-watering folks, this is everyone's shower pressure we're talking about. All the water is going onto lawns. It's suggested that we should use less water when brushing teeth but that's barely going to change anything. More like, put a cover over the car so it doesn't need washing, and don't water the bloody berms.

buyit59, Nov 8, 7:16pm
Watering the berms is better than watering the roads ! . Last night round Hornby / Wigram and Halswell saw quite a few places with sprinklers spraying the road . or left on so long the water was running down the gutter . bit silly really .

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