Kids doing a paper run

vintage_betty, Jun 1, 6:58am
The young one has asked if he can do a paper run but I can't find any information anywhere! Who do you contact to see about these in Christchurch please?

Also, does anyone have a child who does one? It seems like hard work to me with probably little reward, but he is super keen so.

brightlights60, Jun 1, 10:41am
Its slave labour, no kidding, they get a few measly dollars for a few hours work. From memory, look in your local paper at the contact details in there. Its one of the media places.

golfaholic2, Jun 1, 11:50am
As above . it takes hours to group the pamphlets , then they gotta deliver them . you gotta dispose of leftovers . and get paid a pittance .
YOU will get roped into helping them .

It really is slave labour . be better off just giving the kid $50 a week in pocket money

kathy9, Jun 1, 1:00pm
both my girls do mailers. One for Reachmedia and the other for PMP.
Pmp is better $$ wise. 3 deliveries a week usually making between $80-$100 a fortnight.

brightlights60, Jun 1, 1:15pm
Yes, but how many hours of walking/delivering is involved?
We set up a system where jobs I wanted done I "priced" and if the kids did them, they got paid. If not, they didn't. My 20 year old sometimes still does the windows of the entire house, inside and out, or the cars on the drive for a set amount.

kathy9, Jun 1, 1:39pm
The PMP one take about 1 1/2 hrs each time to deliver plus folding time. How ever my daughter folds them while watching youtube stuff. For me this is teaching my girls the responsability of work and being only 12 & 14 I feel this is adequate money for their age and is gets them off the devices and outside.

ttaotua1, Jun 1, 2:32pm
Good on OP to looking into this! I use to help my cousin with his paper run a long time ago and it wasn't about the money, it was more getting outside and doing something and sneaking of to the dairy after to play video games in the day lol.

martin11, Jun 1, 3:17pm
It also gives them an insentive to get out and work to earn some money and also keeps the fit . Instead of just getting a hand out from their parents .

andrew697, Jun 2, 3:14am

golfaholic2, Jun 2, 7:30am
That might have been the case a decade or so ago . but these days , the kids are spending hours and hours and hours sorting a dozen or more items of junk mail into hundreds of piles , then a few more hours delivering them .
The pittance they get paid is taxed leaving them feeling like workings is just bullshit .

The money was a little more realistic back in the day , and wasnt taxed , but these days its nothing short of child exploitation with a kick in the teeth from the IRD to cap it off

martin11, Jun 2, 9:01am
There is actually a lot of adults delivering the junk main around North Canterbury and if you actually look at the prices you get for doing it plus the fact it helps keep you fit its not too bad . A lot of people enjoy doing the job .

melcraig, Jun 2, 9:12am
So what if the kids have to work hard. It's actually a lot of money for a kid. My 13 year old sometimes works at my work and he could be paid half as much and he'd still be delighted with his riches.

golfaholic2, Jun 2, 9:30am
Good point .

sw20, Jun 2, 9:41am
Friends of mine used to deliver The Press and Marlborough Express about 20+ years ago. It was shit money then as well. I made more money one afternoon a week mowing old people’s lawns in my neighbourhood.

supern0va, Jun 3, 5:28pm
Back in the day as a youngster at high school, I used to deliver fliers, mow peoples lawns, work a milk run, deliver the morning paper and sell stello pads door to door. Yes the hourly rate sucked ( I recall starting on $4 a night delivering milk for 3 hours rain or shine) and $8 a lawn mow but it taught me the value of working and customer service.

owen106, Jun 3, 7:06pm
What an attitude! All income is taxed, whether you earn $10 or $1 000 pw. Benefits are taxed as well and they aren't overpaid.

Next step is to tax Capital Gains.

brightlights60, Jun 3, 7:34pm
In all honesty, one of mine did it, and it turned out to be so little money the child was a bit disillusioned. We wanted to instil the work ethic too, but that small amount is too little for the work involved. Perhaps if you want them to grow up expecting to earn a far below minimal wage its ok, but we found other work. We definitely encouraged her to find work, and she has worked non stop, around her school and studies since she was old enough.

supern0va, Oct 9, 8:07am
I delivered fliers and worked for pittance as a young teenager and now earn 160-200k pa so Im not so sure that it sets you up to expect to earn less brightlights.

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