Police will not charge anybody for CTV collapse

2054, Nov 30, 1:33pm
Your joking if they red sticker-ed the building after the first quake nobody would have died. Where is the accountability for people that kill others through their own negligence.

bassmo1, Nov 30, 1:54pm
Well of course, if they were government workers of any sort, they don't get prosecuted, only private people do.
What an immense cost for such a poor outcome. You gotta wonder why they bother.

lyndad59, Nov 30, 2:21pm
Very Angry :( And upset for all family ,friends

bergkamp, Nov 30, 8:44pm
as i see it , there are quite a few people and systems to blame , isnt it better that we correct the mistakes rather than put people in prison? - one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded -

thornton1961, Nov 30, 8:51pm
so the unqualified guy who did the botched brake job on your car that killed your family. ?. ":well it was a really steep hill . ::"

bergkamp, Nov 30, 9:38pm
yes he is to blame , and the supervisor and the director and the system that let him work unsupervised , also the previous 2 unprecedented crashes that damaged these brakes . also the work that was done to the brakes over the years (the core drilling of floor slabs ) , and the mechanic who didnt fail the WOF . the list goes on and on

farminglad, Nov 30, 10:16pm
No surprise there , it is New Zealand

william1980, Nov 30, 10:41pm
This issue with that is the royal commission found there was no evidence the building had been damaged by the Sept quake. At the end of the day, it wasn't compliant and all roads lead back the original design.

ryanm2, Dec 1, 7:50pm
This building from the very get go had been shown to be of a very poor design and build. The Chch City Council had serious concerns during the construction - engineers fought not to get this building past is design stage. People should have been held accountable.


fekim, Dec 1, 8:43pm
If you actually read what the top cop wrote, or listened to what he said, you would understand why not.
No sense going off half cocked about it.

jcmp21, Dec 1, 9:01pm
I think the police made the right decision. Clearly they wanted to have someone held accountable, but the way the law is, it would have failed. They can't take a case to court they know will fail for a few reasons, one being to simply punish someone by dragging them through the court, it has to be a case that stands up.

planespotterhvn, Dec 2, 8:55am
I remember seeing a doco where they interviewed a South American engineer where he pointed out that there was evidence that the links between the floor slabs and the bracing element that is the lift / stairwell column had sheared during previous earthquakes. The building had become wobbly because of the lack of floor bracing and yet people were allowed back into that damaged building. Previous repairs or upgrades of these bracing links were attempted previous to the quakes.
But the building inspector did not demand to see the engineering history of the building before he gave the okay to re-enter the building.

planespotterhvn, Dec 2, 8:58am
And what about the PGC building? That reasonably modern building also collapsed and killed and maimed numerous people. Yet we forget about the PGC building!
233 Cambridge Terrace between Colombo and Manchester. There is a Memorial Garden.

planespotterhvn, Dec 3, 3:27pm
Good summary at the end of this article, but the writers forgot to remind us that the building site manager for Williams Construction, his real name was not Gerald Shirtcliffe. He falsified that name and the qualifications that came with it.

barneymiller, Dec 4, 8:12am
I think that engineering standards in New Zealand need a good shake up.

For the size of the country and the amount of peoplekilled by bad engineered design were well below par.

The only change I have seen is anew engineers code of conduct, which engineers have not had to study and pass test to show that they understand it.

All the engineers I have questioned about the code of conduct have not read it and none have demonstrated a robust understanding of it.

jcmp21, Dec 4, 7:39pm
Before questioning them, did you read them their rights?

william1980, Dec 5, 11:29pm
I can't help but think the engineer who inspected the building for four hours after the Sept quake might have noticed that kind of damage.
This is the building inspector you're referring to (he's actually a certified structural engineer). He did ask for the structural workings of the building but the council planning dept couldn't supply them. We'll never know if that would have changed his mind.

william1980, Dec 5, 11:35pm
Gerald Shirtcliff was his real name. He used the name and qualification of Will Fisher.

william1980, Dec 5, 11:38pm
Built in the the 1960s, but more could have been done to prevent the collapse. Here's a story about the royal commission findings.

marte, Nov 8, 2:47pm
Quiote {Police will not charge anybody for CTV collapse}

But they will charge a harmless asbergic kid with stealing a lightbulb from a ruined building.

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