Best company/engineer to inspect rubble foundation

logi_bear1, May 21, 7:52pm
Hi, can anyone recommend a company or engineer to inspect foundations, specifically a 1940's rubble ring foundation and concrete piles. From what I understand the rubble foundations can be buggered internally but appear fine from the outside but google is not bring up many options that can do invasive testing or however they check em out properly. Thanks :)

martin11, May 22, 9:50am
Most of those old style foundation will be buggered with age , nothing to do with the earthquakes . How level is the home ? and what is the ground like ?

traykuku, May 22, 10:14am
I agree Martin. No one worried about their cracked ring foundations before the EQ's now they are EQ damage.

gammycontent, May 22, 10:36am
While we are on the subject of Engineers. Has anyone come across Miyamoto, Fraser Thomas, Cook Costrello or Viden. Apparently they meet EQC;'s standards which worries me from the outset.

david_270, May 22, 12:49pm

david_270, May 22, 12:51pm
You are right to be worried, particularly about Miyamoto.
You need to start with the brief - if the engineers brief is not to your satisfaction then neither will be the report.
Better to work through your lawyer.
PS There was a discussion y'day in the TC3 group re Miyamoto.

gammycontent, May 22, 1:41pm
Is that a Facebook type Group or something else. EQC have recommended them to me - hence my interest.

david_270, Oct 10, 3:11pm
Yes, FB. Theres a number of EQ groups, TC3 is just one of them.
Someone did a list a while ago.

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