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tygertung, May 21, 6:33pm
But that doesn't help if the postage company won't deliver such items.

mmmm, May 21, 7:52pm
They will, they just wont cover loss or damage on said items.

tygertung, May 21, 8:06pm
Well according to lover of books it is prohibited.

mmmm, May 21, 8:13pm
Like I said, it doesn't matter. Its only an issue if you need to make a claim. People send prohibited goods everyday.

jules286, May 22, 4:01pm
Oh dear, I sent a parcel by NZ Post a month ago, to the USA, with a number I was told that I can use for tracking, as I asked could it be tracked, and was told with that number I can. I did a Track and Trace on it, it came back saying there is no info on this number. I few calls later to NZ Post, my parcel was sent to Melbourne, now they are saying that USA post is returning it due to incorrect address (which it isn't) as NZ Post have even looked up this place of address, so I don't know why it was being returned, which it hasn't been returned. Which it now has been two weeks, and its now a missing parcel:-( I don't know what else I could have done, I did everything correct, now its lost, and I've been waiting two days for them to get back to me, to tell me where it is. At a cost of $51 dollars for postage (as I said I wanted the best delivery service,and quickest) that I've lost, plus the contents.
What is the point of a tracking number, when their system can't handle tracking numbers, all it could tell me that it was scanned at the Post Office, though over the phone I was told it had gone to Melbourne, yet the tracking reply didn't mention this.
Its not good enough in this day and age with tracking and communication, its extremely poor.
Any advice who to use in the future for sending overseas other than NZ Post? need a competent company who tracks and records.

tygertung, May 22, 6:00pm
According to this website you must NOT send jewellery though Letters, postcards, Parcel Post & Parcel Post Tracked. You can only send the jewellery through Courier and Courier & Signature.

gillian25, Oct 10, 11:50am
Thats not strictly correct. If I was a member of the Jewellers and Watchmakers Guild. I can send jewellery. Go figure.

Couriers apparently dont steal from them. its a Moral thing

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