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gillian25, May 18, 2:38pm
Sent parcel on 4/5 from ChCh to Whangerei. Mis-directed in ChCh, then sent to Palmerston North, then to Whanganui, now LOST.
NZPost staff have lied every day and said it would be delivered in time for Wedding. Then told yesterday it was missing. Had to ring Investigation Team again today as they did not follow through. Now Louie , Team Manager said he did not know where it was and because it was a piece of jewellery, he would not take any further action. Apparently you are not allowed to send Jewellery. Why then did the teller accept. I have been sending this product for 5 years. In the last year 5 items have disappeared .
Any one else have problems with these clowns?
Shocking Service, Should be Privatized.

martin11, May 18, 3:41pm
Did it have a Tracking number ?

gillian25, May 18, 3:45pm
Yes. And now when you try and track. It says no info available. last update In transit to Whanganui. 14/05/18

si50, May 18, 10:03pm
courier post? Parcel posted to me last week for overnight delivery (so additional cost paid) took 5 days, (Welly-ChCh) went via Palmerston North, supposedly 'incorrectly sorted'.

androth2, May 18, 10:05pm
I hardly get tracked mail disappearing but untracked disappears about 2 or 3 a month,never to be seen again.I think they deliver it to the wrong addresss.
Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland are the three mail sorting centres

loverofbooks, May 18, 10:44pm
How would the teller know you were sending jewellery? Most of the public get quite snooty when asked if there is jewellery inside a package, so alot of the staff don't ask anymore. Most of the courier companies will not accept jewellery as it is prohibited and neither will NZ Post. Suggest you check the prohibited items list at NZ Post as it is sender's responsibility not to post anything illegal.

tygertung, May 19, 7:31am
Do you have to manually deliver it yourself then?

doggybear, May 19, 9:33am
I used to work for Courier Post. I was amazed more didn't go missing or mis sorted.

gillian25, May 19, 11:25am
It was written on the declaration.

bassmo1, May 19, 1:01pm
Whoever is doing the sorting doesn't know much english I guess. They pay peanuts.

fekim, May 19, 4:56pm
After one item disappeared I'd be dubious about sending another, but after two going missing, why would you send another three through the same company and have them go missing also? Why not change?

mmmm, May 19, 6:04pm
And that's why its now "missing".

androth2, May 19, 11:04pm
I was told years ago by a mail delivery person that some postal staff had large CD collections from stealing mail

gillian25, May 19, 11:38pm
I would expect better than that .

sarahb5, May 20, 12:49am
I was sent a parcel with track and trace but seller sent it to a buyer in Rangiora who denies having received it - seller refunded but I would rather have what I purchased than the money. Track and trace shows it as delivered but not to what address

groovydad, May 20, 12:10pm
People still use NZ Post? Why the hell would you? Especially for jewellery.

mmmm, May 20, 12:40pm
Would it not be a good idea to use another shipping provider?

jlynn2, May 20, 12:43pm
try using pass the parcel i think they are better

richynuts, May 20, 2:29pm
that may be the problem why declare jewelry when your not allowed to send it? You have had 5 jewelry items lost in the last year maybe you need to rethink the way your sending items.

gillian25, May 20, 5:30pm
No one has ever said you are not able to send jewellery. Obviously

tygertung, May 20, 7:00pm
How does one transport jewellery if one cannot send it?

mmmm, May 20, 7:13pm
You insure it. Couriers/Post wont cover it in the event its lost or damaged.

tygertung, May 21, 6:10am
Insurance companies won't deliver. They simply assess risk.

gillian25, May 21, 10:26am
Update. Now scanned and at Palmerston North in transit to Whangerei.
What a pack of clowns.

ive learnt my lesson. Took a while. i kept thinking they would get better.
lets see how long it takes to get to Whangerei.

mmmm, May 21, 11:13am
Businesses can get insurance to cover lost or stolen items while in transit.

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