Great to see QE2 full , reckon the library

ryanm2, Jun 3, 7:46pm
Will ever be at capacity ?

slimgym, Jun 4, 6:21am
we are still waiting in Hornby, we have been waiting before the eq really just want a pool, not library

lorischch, Jun 4, 8:19am
Same here in Linwood. Promises, promises.

likit, Jun 4, 9:16am
What’s happened to the Sockburn pool & the land it is on, that was a great pool in summer.

foal30, Jun 4, 9:28am
Smith St/ Linwood Ave site. 2022 completion.

foal30, Jun 4, 9:59am
The Linwood/Woolston Pool Complex was first proposed in 2006. I think it's a a positive it's now had approval to move forward.

fineo, Jun 4, 11:37am
That has got to be one off the biggest wrongs made by any council to let that complex slip away.
Perfect location .Dont know whats happened to it now though.

foal30, Jun 4, 11:55am
IIRC closed 2007(?) by CCC as financially unviable.

I think it's important to recognise that no Pool complex "makes money". Their value may be in other things.

calista, Jun 4, 12:52pm
Yes - minor things really, like teaching kids water safety to reduce the numbers of drownings.

I hope the library will be well used, but I wouldn't like to see it "at capacity" ryan there's such a thing as being too busy. I intend going there often as the bus I catch to go to Linwood library is being discontinued.

planespotterhvn, Jun 4, 2:06pm
The basin that the old pool sat in is still there but it has been converted into a children's playground.
About 20 years ago there was an effort to decommission all Council operated outdoor pools.
The Belfast pool was previously community owned, but just before the policy to destroy all outdoor pools was begun, the operation of the pool was suddenly handed over to the council. Then they changed the locks and prevented access by pool committee members. They concrete over the toddlers pool and took out the solar heating and put in heat pump heating from the edgeware pool, which cost money to run. With the Council policy of closing all the summer outdoor pools in favour of the new indoor pools, Belfast pool and many other outdoor community pools were under threat. After a few mediation run meetings between John Filsell chief officer of pool closing, and the committee, it managed to pry the pool from the council as they legally did not own it. It was handed to Belfast School to own and operate and they have done a far better job than the council.

cronezone, Jun 4, 2:23pm
The previous central library was very well patronised,so there's every reason to assume the new one will be too.

foal30, Jun 4, 2:24pm
That whole process was truly a sorry state of affairs.

Btw can you check the spelling of the surname you mentioned please.

slimgym, Jun 7, 12:14pm
I see on opening day a lot of things went missing. Great start

tygertung, Jun 7, 6:49pm
Yeah the old grand central library was always very popular. No reason why the new one wouldn't be so.

bligh, Jun 7, 8:20pm
Maybe we will get something new, with a English name, at least one.

mme, Jun 9, 6:31pm
The Central Library was horrible. I'm sure they were thinking of refurbishing or building a new one before the EQ.

Also I'm sure it also had Maori name Te Whare O .

tygertung, Jun 10, 9:56am
It used to have a great children's section with a fish tank which I appreciated when I was a child. When I became older and was a teenager I appreciated all the other sections. Was a good place to hang out after school. I enjoyed it as an adult before it collapsed in the earthquake.

I eagerly await the rebuild of the library so I can take my child there so he can enjoy it too.

likit, Jun 11, 11:08am
Went to QE11 this morning, thought it was a nice small complex, only problem I had was spa pool seats are too high so, most of my body was out of the water, spa pool was full so I couldn’t lie down.

tygertung, Jun 11, 7:13pm
Do they still have the giant hydroslides?
It used to be great fun back in the 90s when the big kids would block up the water at the top so the water level would get really high and then we'd all go down in a rush.
Also what was great was the 'turbo' sessions when they'd have the pumps going extra fast for extra water flow.

likit, Jun 11, 7:50pm
Yes there is a waterslide

likit, Jun 11, 9:24pm
I did notice they have a hair drier in the men’s changing rooms, what’s the bloody world coming to.

tygertung, Oct 7, 4:49pm
I suppose that back in the 70s when the built the original QE2 men with long hair was common, perhaps it is coming back into fashion?

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