Hornby swimming pool and library

slimgym, May 21, 8:55am
What a shame the council didn't think when they gave the Racecourse land away, this would have been a perfect place for the library and swimming pool, plenty of parking etc.
Keep your hands off Denton Park, why not use the land in the MSR where the old service center was, you could take the whole corner there.

tygertung, May 21, 6:32pm
Yes I agree, don't rip up the velodrome, it is still popular but needs a little restoration. The library and service centre (CCC) is pretty shabby now, and could do with updating.

fekim, May 21, 8:25pm
They've decided against using Denton Park

sw20, May 21, 8:46pm
Thank goodness. I went and took some photos of Denton park a few weeks ago because I thought it might be gone at some stage sooner rather than later.

http://imgur.com/FBJbBK3 http://imgur.com/xfG4A2h

slimgym, May 23, 8:00am
but I think they are just mudding the waters, splitting the swimming pool and library,

planespotterhvn, Oct 10, 1:51am
Just another wanky 25 metre pool. When will the powers that be build a propper 50m pool with a proper grandstand that can handle school swimming sports. The revised 50 metre pool at the destroyed QE2 couldn't.
The original 1974 pool was better.

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