I’m canceling The Press today Page 2 / 2

william1980, May 13, 10:53pm
It's the old size every Sat

buyit59, May 15, 7:04pm
The new wrapping ( started Saturday) seems to have stopped the wet issues .

spyware, May 15, 7:22pm
Electronic version was back to normal also.

thebuzzyone, May 22, 6:47pm
If you are a member of the ChCh library you can use this.

greybear38, Oct 10, 10:12am
The Press is awful in its new format, a complete lack of local news ,packaged stories from around the world ,certainly not The Press as we knew it .Is it possible to cancel the week day Press and just get it delivered on Saturdays in the old format.
Faifax have obviously made a commercial decision to wind news print back and stair readers to Stuff and Neighbourly . I guess we have to accept it is a sign of the times.

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