I’m canceling The Press today Page 1 / 2

likit, Apr 9, 8:33am
Always look forward to reading the club rugby results but, nothing in The Press today so, I rang them to be told they don’t have the resources to cover our National sport anymore.
Look forward to seeing the demise of this paper.

farminglad, Apr 9, 10:27am
What took you so long

junie2, Apr 9, 11:45am
Every day I consider the same decision. But did it once and found I couldn't live without the puzzles page. BTW, did you see the caption for a pic on page 4 notes that the water level "rised" ? Lol. And on TV news Greg Boyed extols our athletes who have "medalled" Lol again.

likit, Apr 9, 12:16pm
I still like to sit down in the morning with a coffee & read the paper, I know a lot of the news is old as I have read it on stuff, old habits die hard but, this was the last straw.

happychappy50, Apr 9, 3:41pm
Daily news has gone the same way in Taranaki,Fairfax have no interest in reporting on local sport,it’s all online now like much of our news

greenfruit1, Apr 9, 4:55pm
Gee your lucky to even get a delivery. We use to pay and get nothing for days on end then for a couple a days a paper turns up. Then none again for a few days.
Turns out the driver couldn't be bothered some days to deliver. The Press said to sort it out with the driver.

treecave, Apr 9, 5:22pm
our local paper is the same to. more national and international news than local content. when you do get local stuff its either a week old or the mayor/councillors out kissing babies telling everyone how great they are because they kept the rate rises down to 5x the national rate of inflation.

tygertung, Apr 9, 6:05pm
There used to be a 'pick up the press' radio advertisement a few years ago. Have not heard it for a long time.

loose.unit8, Apr 9, 6:13pm
There's probably not enough people interested in it to give it column space

cabbage07, Apr 9, 6:24pm
Havent bought press for 3 years now waste of money, its free online.

sw20, Apr 9, 6:49pm
Cancerous newspaper. Used be great for lighting the fire when it was thicker though. If you want to be depressed, save your $2 and just listen to overnight talkback radio.

turbogtx, Apr 9, 7:29pm
Sometimes my Mum use to send me to the shop to buy The Press just so she could use it to light the fire.

aquarian4442, Apr 9, 8:35pm
"Stuff suddenly axed its entire team of dozen sports reporters in the regions to cut costs last December." - this from the article here:

Yes, I know Chch isn't regional, but the axe could be falling wider than the regions.

And you'll probably find more and more news & info is being pushed to Neighbourly. Stuff bought the remaining shares in Nov last year so it now owns 100% of the site.

andante1, Apr 10, 7:52am
Apologies; this post refers to Auckland that has some similarity with this Newspaper cost cutting scenario.
I now only buy one newspaper a week. This is all I need to light my fire in the winter or wrap up rubbish. They're also good for wrapping 'fish and chips'. Other than that, 99% of news reported, is fake news or untruths.

jonners2013, Apr 10, 4:52pm
they're not covering club level rugby, so you wish for the demise of the entire paper? slight overreaction perhaps?

likit, Apr 10, 6:16pm
No it’s not. They use to preview club rugby in Friday’s edition & that got canned years ago, now the review has been canned. I presume other club sport reviews have been canned too like soccer, netball etc. The paper is for Cantabrians about Cantabrians but, all we seem to get is crap.

jett.industries, Apr 11, 12:40pm
I see they are changing the size from 30/4, that's about 4 years too late for me.

jonners2013, Apr 11, 1:08pm
If it's not what you want, then don't buy it. But to wish for the demise of the paper just because you don't like it, is unreasonable.

junie2, Apr 11, 1:28pm
In your opinion jonners.

Actually I couldn't care if it lives or fails, but won't be at all surprised when it does. I loved the Press back in the day it had John Coffey ( and others ) on sports, there was a summer fiction contest, Random Reminder, Thursday's Good Living supplement ( for older people ), profiles, and garden stories. And remember when reporter Stan Darling would knock on someone's door ? He would say "everyone has a story". And they were more interesting than all the crap about Donald Trump's affairs etc. Now the paper is full of stuff you can see the day before, online. The end is nigh I reckon ( IMO of course.)

jonners2013, Apr 11, 3:33pm
Well sure, in the sense that literally everything we write is our opinion. Even taking that into account, no business is forcing us to buy their products, so if we don't like what they offer, don't buy it - but that doesn't mean it's reasonable to wish they fail. I think The Press is junk, so I don't buy it, but I don't hope the business fails, that would just be unnecessarily mean.

william1980, Apr 17, 10:03am
Seriously though, what would the crowd size be at a club rugby match? Couple of hundred? It shows where the interest lies.

usualsuspect, May 8, 11:26pm
I used to buy the weekend Press mostly to read the Death notices but don't bother now its all online free.

snapperheadrkp, May 9, 11:17am
The only thing we miss since we cancelled the 'Waikato Times' (which has become just an organ for reprint from other Fairfax rags) is the Puzzle page.
They rang again on Monday offering cut price subscriptions (sprat to catch a mackerel) BUT they still want more than our present Herald sub.
Tap up the FREE local papers that Fairfax publishes in your surrounding towns and you will find 90% of the articles are the same, maybe 2 local blurbs but different adds in each publication - cheap cheap.

k-i-n-g, May 9, 2:35pm
They've cancelled them too.

slimgym, May 12, 5:05am
did anyone else notice it was back to the old paper last Saturday hope they do it again this Saturday. Have you also noticed its getting really small. Have you also noticed the property page is still the old way

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