Shands road light show

brightlights60, Dec 9, 1:32pm
So who has been this year? We went a couple of years back for the first time. I thought it would be all Christmas themes etc, so took a minute (only that) to get my head around the rock music and the Halloween display, but I think its great. Hubby (sparky) had a good chat with the guy behind it, and he said they were starting set up early this year as an American film crew were coming out to film it. Going to take out homestay out to see it this week.

barbiedoll, Dec 10, 11:25am
Haven't even heard it being advertised this year. Had assumed it wasn't on.

lyndad59, Dec 10, 11:41am
They charge to get in now ,so just be aware to take some money .We took our family from Auckland last year & they were pretty impressed

brightlights60, Dec 10, 11:54am
I don't think its a charge. Each year they have a charity they support and give a darn lot of money to them. They are supported to by the local power company as it costs a shite load to run that lot of lights.

brightlights60, Dec 10, 11:55am
Here you go, they have a website:

lyndad59, Dec 10, 1:26pm
Oh I wasn't complaining at all ,it's worth paying something to get in .The 1st year we went my daughter said at about 11pm lets go look at the lights & I put my shoes on & off we went didn't even take my handbag. $5 each to go in

margie05, Dec 10, 1:47pm
I thought that the money went to support the treatment of his wife for her Lyme Disease (not complaining, just saying). It did initially and maybe if there is any left over it goes to charity. Mind you they deserve it for all the effort it must take to do this.

atlantis3, Dec 10, 2:00pm
Also look at the light show
Ethne St, Mairehau. Quite impressive.

shannie1998, Nov 7, 7:16pm
Its even being advertised on TV this year

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