Redfire BBQ Restaurant ?

doggybear, Dec 3, 3:05pm
Another victim of that cursed spot on the Main North Road? Should have stayed a Pizza Hutt.

supern0va, Dec 4, 12:44pm
Locations great. lots of passing traffiic. tons of people parking at the mall. I think the locations fantastic, but the buildngs decor is crap. And if the food/service isnt up to par word gets around.

shakirafan, Dec 4, 5:40pm
There's was already a Brazilian bbq restaurant just up road.

Wonder why someone thought another one would be a good idea.

casey.j69, Dec 4, 7:16pm
Needs to become a McDonald's drive though. Perfect location.

puddles11, Dec 5, 9:35am
I was thinking the same thing. Dunno why Carls Jr decided to build their second restaurant so close to their first one - I always get their advertising in the mail but I've never gone there as I can't be bothered driving all the way across town for it.

shakirafan, Dec 5, 11:12am
Carl’s Jr. definitely.

hayster94, Dec 5, 10:02pm
I went there recently and thought the food was decent. A few spicy meats but the rest lacked anything resembling Brazilian bbq. I still enjoyed it but wouldn't be back in a hurry.

I still miss the Mexican place that was there before.

usualsuspect, Dec 6, 8:21pm
we went to Redfire once just to see and found it expensive and the meat was tough. maybe we just went on the wrong day.

-weasel-, Dec 7, 8:42pm
Is it closing?

I loved the food and the service was fantastic.

I do think $50 Is expensive but the place was throbbing with people when we went. They were turning people away

doggybear, Nov 8, 12:40am
Looks pretty dead now

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