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chchajm, Apr 3, 3:01am
My daughter's baby who is 15 needs putting to sleep.
I've googled vets and whilst most have good reviews for vet care I can't see any who will be supportive with this process.
He's he no set vet due to moving around chch
A lot of tears cried but we will have him cremated so we can bring him home again

gillian25, Apr 3, 3:13am
Vets on Worcester. I dont think you will like any of them purely for the nature of the task. Good Luck.

mbos, Apr 3, 4:40am
Northlands Vet on the corner of Main North Road and Cranford Street, were amazing with my girl.

We took her to the vet to have a stent put in, and then, later on, the vet came to our home, gave us time to say goodbye without the vet there, then very quietly and calmly put her to sleep in my arms, and left us to be with her as she slipped away. After she had gone, she came and made sure we'd all had our last goodbyes and cuddles and took her wrapped in a towel that she'd made sure we didn't want back, and took our cat with her, to cremate her for us, as pre-arranged.

She returned her with a lovely card.

Damn, bawling my eyes out remembering it.

We lived close by, and they had been our regular vet for a good long (expensive) time, but they do things with great sensitivity, skill and care.

frances1266, Apr 3, 8:07am
I have had to say goodbye to many cats over the years and have found female vets to be more gentle than males, sorry to be sexist but have had horrible experiences with some male vets. Not all vets will be rough though so if you can get a recommendation that will help.

chchajm, Apr 3, 8:26am
Thanks- I've contacted Northlands.
Now to get thru day at work and not crying.
My daughter became unwell and nearly died and he never left her side. but now she's home and doing better it's like he feels he can now go but is not able to let go. so it's completely heartbreaking on a whole other level because if it's possible they were like soulmates

brightlights60, Apr 3, 8:46am
The best PTS we ever had was with Steve at Belfast Vet. He had fought for our late cat and dogs lives for 9 months each, and they died within a week of each other. Both had long but treatable illnesses. Steve came to our house, and it was the most peaceful experience we have ever had with any of our pets over 35 years. Our dog just walked up to him, lay down in a patch of sunshine. We all held her and said goodbye and it was over in around 30 seconds. Steve took her away and I picked up the ashes a few days later. Took cat to him and he too was taken care of with compassion and dignity.

mbos, Apr 3, 9:02am
It was the female vet at Northlands that did my Aiki. She was so lovely.

chchajm, I can understand what you're saying about the link between your daughter and the cat - I got my girl very shortly after my daughter was born. Their link was intense - when she suffered a bad concussion, Aiki never left her side. (This is the same cat that decided I was not disciplining my daughter sufficiently, when she was having a tanty, jumped up onto her, grabbed her face between her paws, and bit her on the nose - and made it very clear she'd do it again if she didn't stop that nonsense. . .)

One of the best gifts we can give them is permission to leave us, and help to do it painlessly.

Let your work colleagues know what's going on, I'm sure they'll be supportive. Mine were, when I broke down in tears, for the same reason - actually my male colleague was kindest and most understanding of all. A couple of the females were complete cows - but then, they were just natural bovines most of the time.

mbos, Apr 3, 11:36am
chchajm, it was Sylvie who looked after us when Aiki's time was up - I hope you get her. She is a beautiful person and an amazing vet. That is the combo you need right now.

chchajm, Apr 3, 11:55am
We have booked into Northlands Thursday and they will have him cremated.
*heart breaks *

Thank you x

mbos, Apr 3, 11:59am

Aroha nui.

brightlights60, Apr 3, 12:57pm
I think its lovely that we can do it for our animals. How we know when they have had enough and can do this one last thing for them. Sadly, we cannot do it for our human loved ones. Those who have sat beside a loved one with cancer or something else equally devastating will appreciate what I say.
I wish you all the best, its a very hard time, but you will find that like minded people will reach out to you, will know how you feel and offer you comfort. xx

frances1266, Apr 3, 1:10pm
Don't forget the cat has had a wonderful life and a caring family so it has been very lucky with its family. Have you read the Rainbow Bridge. It is very comforting at times like this. Best wishes

chchajm, Apr 3, 1:11pm
I'm having a baby in 9 weeks. that is our little angel light at the end of the tunnel and i explained to my daughter one soul has to leave earth so another can arrive.

foamyone, Apr 3, 2:15pm
Sorry to hear about that. Never a nice time.

tygertung, Apr 3, 5:51pm
Pets are members of the family so it can be emotional when it is time for them to leave this mortal coil.

brightlights60, Apr 3, 6:15pm
That's a lovely way of looking at it and explaining it to kids. We learn such a lot about life and death from them. I coped with the death of loved ones by going through it all with pets first. Grief is grief, its all the same process.

chchajm, Apr 3, 6:18pm
brightlights60 wrote:
That's a lovely way of looking at it and explaining it to kids. We learn such a lot about life and death from them. I coped with the death of loved ones by going through it all with pets first. Grief is grief, its all the same process.[/quote
Lol except my daughter is 22 years old.
Grief is so deep you're so right it's the same process

carol113, Apr 3, 7:15pm
I agree with you. Sadlly my cat died due to being attacked by a wandering dog on our property. She was semi ok when I took her there in the mrng but sadly I got the phonecall to say that she had passed away. I just bawled my eyes out and the staff were so lovely and caring.I to got sent a lovely card and the staff member told me a few weeks after it happened that she wanted to let me know that she was with my cat and caring for here when she died. Now I want to cry :(On that note Im sorry for what you have to go through.Just remember and treasure all the good memories xx

funeralmoon, Apr 3, 7:41pm
Vetcall Are The Best. My Late Cat Was 20 When She Was Put To Sleep. They Are Very Understanding And Show Compassion. They Send Us A Card Not Long After. We Also Got A Card When Our Dog Was Put To Sleep.
I'm Sorry You Have To Go Through This

chchajm, Apr 3, 8:22pm
Thank you everyone for sharing stories-

The heart break is so underestimate

mbos, Apr 4, 3:29am
chcajm, it's funny that you say you're having a baby in 9 weeks.

My first old girl, I'll swear she held on until I had the baby and she'd seen the baby and that I was alright, and then she gave in to her poor tired old kidneys.

Aiki, I got soon after. She got beyond it with arthritis, just before we shifted house - after having lived in that house all her life, and my two girls lives - 13 years.

It's like they're with us for a chapter of our lives, see us into the next one, and then they've done their job here.

All the best to you all, at this sad time.

chchajm, Apr 4, 12:52pm
He's now gone missing. Each day he would go outside and come back in . even this past week he would wander in or at least be sitting in Sun on woodpile.
He went out yesterday morning and never came home.
We are completely broken as we now wonder if he went off to die which means we can't bring him home creamated.
We would never have wished one of our babies to die alone outside so we pray he comes back tonight otherwise we know he likely won't survive 2 nights outside.
We are hunting morning and night and inmiddle of the night for him.

tabitha, Apr 4, 4:19pm
Please, INSIST the puss is given a sedative first. Otherwise it's an awful experience.

tahmoh, Apr 5, 1:17am
I have employed Dr Evan Kendon as my preferred veterinarian for the last fifteen years. He came and euthenised our beloved old girl as I held her in my arms, in our home. It was so gentle a situation because she wasn't stressed by being taken out of her environment. In the last six months, he has speyed our young female and removed a cancerous growth on our seventeen year old girl at the kitchen table under appropriate anæsthesia.
The thing is with Evan, is he that he comes to your home and can do most procedures on cats there.He is significantly less expensive because he doesn't have the same overheads that running a staff and building veterinian clinic does. And his manner is one of a gentle and kind individual that loves his work and quietly does what is required. You can find him under 'Dr Evan Kendon'.on google and his number is 3793797.

tahmoh, Apr 5, 1:37am
It is unlikely that I would ever use another vet besides Dr Evan Kendon when it comes to my cats. I have had him perform several procedures on various cats, the first was sadly, to have one of our beloved old girls put to sleep nearly fourteen years ago. It was the least stressful ways to manage such a situation because, instead of taking the old girl to a vet clinic, which means putting her in a car and into a vet surgery, I just held her in my arms in my kitchen, as Evan administered the requisite drug. Within less than a minute, she had drifted off and was gone.
In the last few months, Evan has speyed our young female kitty without complication. He did this at the kitchen table and she was back to her usual fiesty self within 24 hours. Four weeks ago, he removed a cancerous growth from our seventeen year old cat, and she has recovered fantastically. Again, at the ktichen table. He took his time and was methodical and gentle with our wee darlings.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Evan Kendon. He is gentle, quietly spoken, professional and takes his time to do the very best by our pets. His phone number is (03) 3793-797.
I don't know what he's like with other creatures but with cats, he's the best.

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