Chem trails in sky today - 1st time in long time

vivienney, May 9, 11:24am
It's been a couple of years since I've seen this chemical being sprayed over CHCH. Targeted flies are we all.

martin11, May 9, 11:38am
They are not Chem trails just vapor trail or contrail is a condensation trail made by the exhaust of an aircraft engine . No chemicals involved just moisture and burnt fuel from the engines

articferrit, May 9, 11:39am
tin foil will be in short supply then.

k-i-n-g, May 9, 11:54am
By a vapour at tens of thousands of feet that will blow off on a whim of the wind.
Very targeted.

Super real true news.

And what are they spraying?
Depends who you ask. Some CTists say barium, strontium and aluminium.
Others say it's nanobots.

Pick a lane!

k-i-n-g, May 9, 11:55am
Well. water perhaps.

kasha10, May 9, 12:16pm
I heard you are safe if you hide under your bed for at least two days

farwest, May 9, 12:44pm
Make it three, to be really sure. Stay off the internet for that time, too.

morticia, May 9, 1:42pm
The loons are out today, the earthquake one is twittering away in another thread.

tygertung, May 9, 6:17pm
Unfortunately there is no mechanism in the engine for putting anything into the exhaust of the engines. I work at an aircraft jet engine overhaul facility so I know all about the engines. The trails are caused by temperature differential that's all.

paulmc, May 10, 1:37am
I saw vapour trails twice last week. Where have you been hiding if you haven't seen them in a couple of years?

paulmc, May 10, 1:42am
Now that the council have treated our water, they have decided to do something about the air pollution as well by spraying chlorine over Chch.

tygertung, May 10, 5:01am
What about those truck 'chem trails' with the exhaust fluid for the diesel engines?!

slimgym, May 10, 6:59am
did you see the one with the big bend in it, I have never seen that before

planespotterhvn, May 10, 6:48pm
Apart from fuel and lubricating oil leaking past the rotary seals and getting into the gas path, Also spillage of Drybollock fluid leaking.
But no tank of KemiKills is present on a jet airliner apart from the fuel, engine oil, drybollock fluid reservoirs, toilet tanks and fresh water tanks.

planespotterhvn, May 10, 6:50pm
But horrors. small tanks of rain repellant exist to dose the flight deck windows.

harrislucinda, May 10, 10:49pm
yes seems a lot of folks dont what it is

tygertung, May 11, 3:56am
Well if it was in the fuel, surely the trails would be on the ground as well!

captaingraham, May 11, 9:08am
I saw a pink/red trail on Tuesday morning. Am I doomed?

wembley1, May 11, 12:50pm
How about fuel in an afterburner? ;-)

ken158, May 11, 1:27pm

Votes needed.

martin11, May 11, 1:50pm
+1 better than some comments posted by others on here .

cronezone, May 11, 2:40pm
Oh c'mon - it was hilarious.

k-i-n-g, May 11, 3:16pm
OMG you saw a picture of a bad word!

Ten hail Mary's an you'll be fine.

k-i-n-g, Oct 12, 12:54am

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