OT - courier a parcel, not using courierpost

jojo76, Dec 10, 3:00pm
Yes I live under a rock, and no I don't courier alot nowadays!
I've a small box I want to courier to the north island, courier post says $31 odd dollars where else might I be able to courier for cheaper? Cheers

dolphinlu, Dec 10, 3:13pm
Try pbt or toll. can it not fit in nz post bag. what abt pass the parcel which is post haste.

catfan, Dec 10, 5:47pm
Pass the Parcel. Check out their website. It gives you all the details and they are usually quite reasonably priced for small parcels between islands

cosimo, Dec 10, 5:50pm
How small is small? That Courierpost sounds pretty high for what I would call small.

piker55, Dec 11, 4:03pm
Fastway sometimes have good rates.

smyrnia, Nov 7, 1:04pm
Ignore pbt
You could walk it faster to where its going
Pricey too

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