Christchurch people anyone want free

aphra1, Apr 24, 9:38pm
large grade red flax bushes? I've taken them out and they're easily transplanted. You would need at least a station wagon to pick up. Pick up is Merivale. Please reply and I'll put up a 50c auction with "buy now". Cheers

slimgym, Apr 25, 11:43am
We have got a huge one, still in the ground if you get too many people interested. Ours is green

aphra1, Apr 25, 5:41pm
No-one wants them. They were really expensive and they're beautiful, I chose them for that spot because there's a pipe under the ground there and they have very shallow root systems but they got so big I couldn't get to the ring foundation to paint. Your green one may be really hard to transplant. Anyway they're not in fashion so sadly they will go to the dump.

tygertung, Apr 26, 4:27am
I have dug them up and put them back in again, seemed to root back in OK. Seem to be pretty hardy.

suzanna, Apr 29, 3:24pm
Aphra1 am I too late for these?

slimgym, May 4, 10:47pm
bumping up for you

aphra1, May 11, 5:02pm
Yes, I'm so sorry, I had them taken to the dump.

slimgym, Oct 11, 11:11pm
you can have mine

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