Do we need two court theaters in Chch watching tv

slimgym, May 4, 10:45pm
the other night a theater was closing because no one was going to the theater anymore

tygertung, May 5, 5:20am
Same with the Rugby, noone is going anymore but they are still building yet another stadium.

ryanm2, May 6, 9:47pm
Rugby is on every week of the year it seems, that’s why no one bothers anymore. But we do need a new stadium , the leaguies want their ground back, chch being the largest city in the South Island should have a decent place to host major concerts, athletics, soccer, the big rugby games etc , the entire city reaps the rewards .

tygertung, May 7, 5:09am
Could they repair Lancaster park? Like for like?

brightlights60, May 7, 9:44am
One good Court Theatre would be ample. But we are lacking facilities in Christchurch. Just to have what we had, rebuilt on the insurance money would be nice.

k-i-n-g, May 7, 11:59am
Who's talking about two Court Theatres?

tygertung, May 7, 5:49pm
Maybe a posh court theatre and a budget one with the cheap tickets?

k-i-n-g, May 7, 6:35pm
They already have this in The Forge theatre (formerly known as Court Two). Downsized, smaller shows, new works, culty stuff, that sort of thing. I've seen ticket prices from $10-$30 there.

They also have Pay What You Can nights.

And Below 30 seats (limited), where you get mainstage tickets for $30 if you're under 30.

shannie1998, May 7, 7:14pm
The Theatre closing was in Dunedin.

Its not related to our own Court Theatre here in Bernard Street in Addington.

The current Court Theatre seats approx 500 people.
We attend most of the Shows they put on.
There hasn't been a performance that we've attended that hasn't been full or close to it.

I love the atmosphere of the Court in Bernard Street and would far sooner it didn't go into the CBD.

PS - the Forge is the smaller second theatre which is part of the Court Theatre complex

snowie10, May 7, 7:17pm
Yes, No problem it would be up and running in a year, all it needs is a dig out, drainage and hard fill for a new field. The complex stands and structure are solid as, BUttttt. No engineer or Engineering firm is prepared to sign off the work. In case another Earthquake struck and the Company/Engineer would be before the Courts facing Manslaughter charges if there was a fatality.

shannie1998, May 7, 7:34pm
You know who designed and engineered Lancaster Park Stadium don't you ?

Repaired - I don't think thats a good idea.

tygertung, May 8, 4:22am
I can see the Lancaster park out my window, it looks solid as. Maybe it is on an angle now which is why they don't like it.

No idea who designed and engineered it.

shannie1998, May 8, 9:23am
Just had a quick read of the engineers reports on it and it pretty bad.
Dropped piles which left one stand floating with no under support. Another stand - the piles shot through the foundations.

The repairs were estimated at $100 million plus.

The designer engineer was the same guy as the CCTV building.

tygertung, May 9, 4:12am
Well hopefully he did a better job on this one!

Well even $100M+ is much cheaper than a whole new covered stadium. Even if it was $200 million still a bargain in comparison.

slimgym, May 12, 4:59am
I read in the paper that the theater Royal cannot pay its loan back to the CCC. Again I repeat do we need all these theaters in Christchurch.

slimgym, May 12, 5:02am
He did a good job with the CCTV building it stood up to the earth quakes, except the February one, we had thousands of quakes before that one, it was the CCC that told people they could go back in. I for one would not have been working in a building that you had put blue tack on your pen to stop it from rolling off my desk

tygertung, Oct 11, 4:48pm
I think you're right. I believe that a lot of buildings are designed so that they will withstand an earthquake without loss of life. After the earthquake though the building may be catastrophically damaged and may have to be replaced. The CTV building didn't collapse in the first big earthquake but may have been ruined and required replacement.
It may well have not collapsed in the second earthquake if it didn't go through the first earthquake.

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