31c today

brightlights60, Dec 2, 5:44pm
Phew, didn't actually close the house up and put the aircon on but close. Just watering all the gardens now.

mbos, Dec 2, 5:48pm
It's hot. DAMNED hot. . .

usualsuspect, Dec 2, 6:13pm
summer has arrived. and its sizzling

sossie1, Dec 2, 6:15pm
We got to just over 33

brightlights60, Dec 2, 6:34pm
Just saying to hubby we don't usually sit outside (as its cooling down after tea) till end Jan/Feb at earliest, and here it is December. I think we are in for a scorching Summer.

mbos, Dec 2, 6:54pm
I think we are. I'm glad it's come early, it means we get some summer, before we go to the Northern hemisphere for three months come end of January!

harrislucinda, Dec 2, 7:22pm
30 deg here in the shade and still hot been for a swim

ally-oop, Dec 2, 7:25pm
Man, how hot does it have to get before you put the air cond on?

jonners2013, Dec 2, 8:05pm
What a spectacular evening it is. Outside with a glass of wine, bbq winding down. This is living.

foamyone, Dec 2, 10:39pm
Had our air con cranking all day, how could you not?!

mbos, Dec 2, 10:47pm
Old school - had windows open, curtains where the sun would be blazing in closed, and be still and be quiet. . . with lots of chilled liquids. . .

brightlights60, Dec 3, 12:32am
Well we have had all the doors and windows open so a bit pointless putting the aircon on! A wee bit hotter and we will! Just don't like to have to shut up the house.

slimgym, Dec 3, 6:06am
and another hot day to day

540trickzter, Dec 3, 8:50am
Thank God we got a fridge with plumbed in cold water and ice dispenser.

brightlights60, Dec 3, 9:36am
Been out there early getting the water on. Am off to Auckers this week for a few days, hopefully its cooler, or I experience rain!

harrislucinda, Dec 3, 9:55am
might not be as hot as yesterday

brightlights60, Dec 3, 1:59pm
Got to 28C, it was 24.5 when I was watering the garden just after 8am. It dropped now to just over 26. Nice breeze. We have been on the front lawn staining all the outdoor furniture, 2 coats in around 2-3 hours all dry. Looks lovely too.

brightlights60, Dec 4, 9:29am
I can't help but think of the movie "The day after tomorrow! "


tygertung, Dec 5, 5:14pm
If you open windows, doors etc on both sides of the house, you get a good airflow going through the house so it keeps it nice and cool.
There isn't much point using the air conditioning as you just perish when you go outside as you are used to the cool.

bassmo1, Dec 5, 5:35pm
Same here, open the windows on the cool side of the house, pull the curtains on the hot side but have the doors and windows open as well. It has cooled the house down nicely. I did consider the air conditioner but its not needed.

slimgym, Dec 6, 5:51am
ok I have put the cushions on the swing seat its too hot now, usually when I put the cushions on it gets cooler so heres hoping,

So hot at work, work in a warehouse its only go two fans a pedestal so hot.

brightlights60, Nov 7, 9:40pm
And another 31C day. A bit of rain would be wonderful!

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