Police ticketing mistake

essendon_bomber, May 20, 8:01pm

What happens to those who lost jobs because of demerit point incorrectly administered ?
All very well refunding money.

tony9, May 20, 9:18pm
They should not have been driving faster than the posted speed limit.

essendon_bomber, May 20, 10:15pm
the posted signs were wrong.

tygertung, May 21, 6:20am
So all those who were ticketed knew the signs were wrong and just disregarded them then?

slimgym, May 21, 8:56am
off course everyone knew that except the cops

chito, May 21, 8:59am
The cops should have checked there satnavs for the correct speed.

golfaholic2, May 21, 9:30am
Then they would have had to work harder to reach their quota for the day . dont be daft

jilledge, Oct 10, 5:17pm
Storm in a tea-cup if you ask me - I am sure that if anyone who was ticketed knew that the posted speed was incorrect they would have flagged it and this would have been resolved far earlier.

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