The ones that left the district

bassmo1, Jun 10, 10:23pm
after the earthquakes, are they returning yet or did they find other places which suited them better?

fait.accompli, Jun 10, 11:36pm
Well we're not returning ever- only to visit. Love where we are living now- better climate and lifestyle, great community- what more can you ask for?

tygertung, Jun 11, 6:22am
It depends on the location. Each place has its own hazards.

craftylady1, Jun 11, 8:35am
My daughter and her family left and went to Kaikoura. oops. wasnt very good timing as they had just moved there be4 the Kaikoura EQ. But they love it there, and are going to stay there.

articferrit, Jun 11, 9:07am
One of mine moved to England . . . and guess what they have just had happen!

tygertung, Jun 11, 7:15pm
Some places have flooding or bushfires or other disasters. Can't really win.

sw20, Jun 12, 6:25pm
Remember the pledge after the September quake?


cassina1, Jun 12, 11:50pm
I bet sports fans that wanted to go where there is a big stadium are not regretting their decision.

tygertung, Oct 7, 4:01pm

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