Heaps of sirens going up Main North Road.

doggybear, Dec 9, 6:55pm
for the last 10-15 minutes. must be something pretty bad!

cessna3, Dec 9, 6:58pm
Really smoky outside in Avonhead, must be a big fire somewhere.

lnc, Dec 9, 6:59pm
Very smoky in Upper Riccarton, might be unrelated?

mamabiff, Dec 9, 7:03pm
Yes, Avonhead too and smelling smoke. :(

randb6, Dec 9, 8:03pm
Does anyone know what the smoke in avonhead is?

craftylady1, Dec 9, 8:23pm
We noticed that as well while we were outside having a BBQ. definately a smoke smell. not a BBQ smell. Can smell it now even

lyndad59, Dec 9, 8:54pm
We drove down Hawthorndon Road bout 7pm & we saw some flames in a paddock ,surely not a burn off in this weather ? My daughter text & said there was a fire at Coutts Island too

doggybear, Dec 9, 9:33pm
Ah it will be Coutts Island then because we're in Belfast.

tazdevil38, Dec 9, 11:38pm
Yip, was Coutts Island and apparently lit on purpose I read

brightlights60, Dec 10, 12:16am
Gawd, I live on Main North Road and didn't even notice. We have ambos and fire engines down here all the time. No burning smell either.

kay34, Dec 10, 6:46pm
Wasn't there a fatal motorcycyle accident down that way yesterday?

jcmp21, Dec 10, 11:07pm
I think that was a bit earlier, I saw the ambulance coming back from that one and heard all the sirens later for other thing.

supern0va, Dec 11, 9:26am
Did it end up being fatal? I saw the road blocked off and the multiple police cars/ambo on site. but read on Stuff he was seriously injured. Motorbike vs trailer

crazynana, Dec 11, 12:22pm
Surely after the terrible fires on the Port Hills you would think that there would be an automatic fire ban now. My husband came over the hill the other day and there was a fire at Rapaki. He rang the council and they said they would put him on to someone about it. A guy answered the phone and after being told about the heat here and the fire risk the guy said "Oh I am in Auckland, you will have to contact your own council". He then rang the fire department (not on the emergency line) and there was no answer. There are a lot of desk-jockeys at the council who should be dealing with this kind of thing and are well overpaid. what are they doing and where are they ?

craftylady1, Nov 7, 2:11pm

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