Driving to the coast - snow/ice

bergkamp, May 27, 2:46pm
we want to drive to the coast next weekend , long range forecast suggests snow falling arthurs pass , with no 4WD or chains - apart from NZTA warnings which i would instantly follow how do i know if the road is still suitable ?

eg if NZTA have not issued any warnings , yet forecast shows low temperatures etc ,is there a way of knowing whether or not it will be all 30km becouse of ice ? TIA

david_270, May 27, 3:25pm
CWU do good forecasts.

harrislucinda, May 27, 5:25pm
looked on my weather sight as we ,might be going camping not to the coast seems no rain just partly cloudy all week end

treecave, May 27, 9:17pm
you are keen camping at this time of year

jcmp21, May 28, 7:12am
It's the best time for camping on the west cost - no bugs.

treecave, May 28, 12:45pm
that would be the only plus. having said that they have been leaving me alone last few times ive been over but they love my partner. lol.

fekim, May 28, 1:46pm
There are VMS (Variable Message Sign)boards at different places along the highway advising of road conditions. Going via Arthurs Pass, there's one at Springfield, going via Lewis Pass, the 1st one is at Waipara. The VMS board will have on it if chains are required.

likit, May 28, 7:00pm
Try Lewis Pass

treecave, May 28, 11:06pm
fair comment but a long way to go and then find the roads closed or chains required. personally I would ring nzta or the aa and ask

brightlights60, May 29, 9:44am
Quite frankly, at this time of year I would not be travelling Arthurs Pass if not familiar with it and taking the scenic route through the Lewis. Its a lower pass and not as susceptible to the extreme weather.

harrislucinda, May 29, 11:36am
have you not been over lately roads are great now all that hills and bending rd gone straight run thru then up over the viaduct and down just normal roads

brightlights60, May 29, 12:59pm
Course I have. But its still a steep and dark pass, always will be, and very high. If you want a more pleasant experience go through Lewis. Otira/Arthurs has its fair share of accidents due to the icey conditions.

treecave, May 30, 8:54pm
the new section of road between klondyke corner (or there abouts) and arthurs is good. saves a lot of twists and turns even though that section of the old road was nice to drive in the summer

tygertung, Jun 8, 6:41pm
I have ridden through there in the middle of winter on a 50cc scooter. Was a bit snowy around Arthur's but OK. No snow chains. Lake Pearson was frozen over. Our hands got a bit cold.

treecave, Jun 12, 8:20pm
depends on the weather at the time you choose to go. ive been mid winter no problems and a few days later it was closed with snow. luck of the draw and you cant rely solely on forecasts. they get it wrong as often as they get it right.

tygertung, Oct 7, 1:48pm
What I mean is that it was snowing when we went through Arthur's There was a great seal of snow around everywhere.

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