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tool_shop173, Jan 12, 10:13pm
Opposite Pak n Save

jeffm13, Jan 12, 10:21pm
Opposite Countdown

tool_shop173, Jan 13, 10:00am
Yes true. opposite Countdown, further down from Pak n Save. lol

ryanm2, Jan 13, 10:14am
Wooooooooooooooooow! A petrol station ! Chch is saved.

mack77, Jan 13, 10:41am
What does the acronym "NPD" stand for?

craftylady1, Jan 13, 3:33pm
nelson petroleum

jeffm13, Jan 13, 5:42pm
The new store was announced in the paper. When asked how they could sell fuel for a lower price than their competitors, they declined to comment.

cantabman1, Jan 14, 7:33am
Wahoo again, as I am a Gold Card holder, I get a wopping 15 cents a litre OFF.

gunsmoke4, Jan 14, 7:36am
Should help make fuel prices in Kaikoura more realistic.

kacy5, Jan 14, 8:45am
Our local one gives 12c a litre off for all fuel dockets as well as the gold card.

treecave, Jan 14, 1:45pm
npd prices vary a lot down here. sometimes as much as 15c/L cheaper. at the moment they are only 5c/L so go to garage with a nw voucher and its cheaper than npd. I have not been able to figure out why undiscounted fuel is 10c+ a litre cheaper here than in chch and timaru either. thought there would actually be competition in the big centres but apparently they just follow each other like their suppliers do.

jonners2013, Jan 14, 6:39pm
9 times out of 10 the cheapest fuel in Christchurch is at McKeown on Halswell Junction Rd. Little self service place, no shop, no staff.

articferrit, Jan 14, 8:46pm
We use McKeown too, but NPD is pretty good for next choice, especially with more opening.

treecave, Jan 16, 8:00pm
can joe blogs go there or do you have to have a fuel card.

ryanm2, Jan 16, 8:06pm
just need a credit card.

articferrit, Jan 17, 8:31am
McKeowns is eftpos, not just credit card

jonners2013, Jan 17, 9:31am
yeah anyone can use it. there's a pre-pay booth and you stick your card (credit card or eftpos) in and away you go.

olwen, Jan 17, 11:06am
Big new NPD in Blenheim. 15c off with gold card.

b21, Jan 17, 12:27pm
15 cents off for gold card just tells me they are making to much markup why not 15 cents for everyone.

david_270, Jan 17, 2:27pm

jonners2013, Jan 17, 4:17pm
What cent per litre discount does that card give you? Apologies if it’s mentioned somewhere on that site but I couldn’t see it.

david_270, Jan 17, 6:46pm
Not sure on petrol.
On diesel using their Caltex card its about 6c/l off Caltex truckstop pricing, so cheaper than McKeowns.
Best thing is to phone them, as they probably don't like putting it out for the world to see.

gime6569, Jan 24, 8:12pm
this is only for nzmca members.not for just anyone

david_270, Jan 25, 6:45pm
Incorrect. It is for anyone. I have a Caltex Starcard through them.

jeffm13, Jan 30, 7:08pm
Is there going to be a New World next to NPD? I heard a rumour that there's a New World going up on Moorhouse Ave.

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