Good family Lawyer Chch

brightlights60, May 30, 7:29pm
Can't find the very old thread where a couple of good lawyers were mentioned. Hubby and I need to redo the wills after ahem, quite a long time. Looking for a really nice lawyer pref Papanui side of Christchurch, but doesn't really matter where.

crazynana, May 31, 11:48am
Bill at Pier Law in Northwood is great. Easy to talk to and knows what he is doing. He also has offices at Brighton and Kaiapoi.

brightlights60, May 31, 12:47pm
Thanks for that. Right near us too.

toots5, Jun 2, 7:48pm
Strowan Law on Harewood road they are excellent.

bottynoodle, Jun 2, 9:38pm
Alex Mcphail from Clarke Boyce and Co.Lovely guy,friendly and professional.

brightlights60, Jun 11, 1:06pm
Thanks so much. We saw Bill and he is a very nice bloke, same wavelength as us, so very happy.

laenhu, Oct 6, 9:12pm
Saul Goodman highly recommended.

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