13C today my ar**e

brightlights60, Jun 9, 2:15pm
They got that wrong, its only 8 out there, the dog is running up and down the drive and his breathe is still fogging the air, so I suspect its colder than the weather page is saying. Brrrrr.

harrislucinda, Jun 9, 4:04pm
we have 13 deg here even with a strong nor west wind

hidecote01, Jun 9, 4:05pm
Freezing in Harewood.

david_270, Jun 9, 4:34pm
It was 13C in Hoon Hay at 4.10pm.
http://weather.northcott.co.nz/ Got to 13.9 C in Cashmere. http://weather.crowe.co.nz/

shakirafan, Jun 9, 4:40pm
Really cold in Burwood

articferrit, Jun 9, 5:01pm
weather crowe says is 'comfortable outside', well Ive got news for them, no its not, it is ridiculously cold and after a glorious sunrise and only 2 minutes of sun this morning Im freezing.

paulmc, Jun 9, 5:01pm
Metservice website says 8C at 2pm, 14C at 4pm and 10C now at 5pm. Never felt the 14C in Papanui. Must have only been for a few minutes, not enough to notice.

r.g.nixon, Jun 9, 5:21pm
0 to 1 degree at 8am in Palmy. Made for a chilly 5km parkrun. No wind and was sunny though. No complaints.

fekim, Jun 9, 5:46pm
I'll second that. Used the forecast and did my washing. Hung it out at 9.30 this morning and when I brought it in at 4.00pm, I swear it was wetter lol.

shakirafan, Jun 9, 5:56pm
Lol yeah I’ve been seeing my breath every time I’ve ventured outside.

tygertung, Jun 9, 5:59pm
Pretty mild in cashmere. Washing all dry.

craftylady1, Jun 9, 7:09pm
We were doing a couple af car yards early this morning and we commented it was much colder than the temp said. twas freezing cold

andrewcg53, Jun 9, 8:22pm
The temp is taken at CHCH airport

slimgym, Jun 9, 8:34pm
got up did washing, put it on the clothes line, brought it in wetter than when it went out 15 tomorrow now where did I put my togs

issymae, Jun 9, 10:39pm
temp got up later in Afternoon in Rolleston- put washing out about 1pm and it got dry

brightlights60, Jun 10, 12:37am
So, it was 8 degrees at 3.30pm this afternoon here in Christchurch. Went out to Pegasus. At 5.30 came out of a house, the temp had shot up. Coming home it was 14. Go figure. Weird Weird weird.

hidecote01, Jun 10, 5:28am
II don't know about now but the temp used to be taken at the Gardens as well.

tygertung, Oct 7, 11:06pm
Air temperatures can vary depending on a number of factors.

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