Blenheim Road and cycling

lazkaz, Sep 11, 7:52am
Can anyone tell me if there is a cycle path after the motorway down Blenheim Road, driving through the other day it did not look like it. Thanks very much.

tygertung, Sep 11, 10:28am
There is a sort of a cycle lane on the road, but it tends to petre-out near intersections such as the Sockburn roundabout. It isn't the greatest road to cycle down as the traffic is going at high speed (although I still use it), but it is a lot better than the memorial avenue situation.

Something will have to be done about it eventually. There are other off road cycle paths going to Hornby and town, but I don't tend to use them as much as they are longer.

lazkaz, Sep 12, 7:00am
Okay thanks for that, just having a major cycle road (put in in our area, Woolston), residents are allowed to use it for cars, and I hate to think how much that is costing, yet my son who works out that way will not be safe. Seems strange to me.

tygertung, Sep 12, 9:39am
It is safe enough to ride down, you just have to pay attention that is all.

lazkaz, Sep 12, 6:06pm
Okay thanks for that.

strobo, Sep 18, 8:06pm
No . it's not safe!

tygertung, Sep 19, 5:50am
Well. nothing is truly safe is it? I see plenty of car crashes , during my travels around the city.

strobo, Sep 19, 6:30am
That's precisely my point ! Cyclists are no less vulnerable down Blenheim rd ,it is treacherous and I rarely see anyone doing less than 60km/hr down there everyday ,except at peak it slows up somewhat and then there is the idiot factor .So I wouldn't say it a safe road to cycle.

tygertung, Sep 19, 6:37am
I see a lot of car crashes, not bike crashes.

Keep in mind, being hit from behind on a bike is the least frequent crash, so all you have to do is keep your eyes open.

drsr, Sep 19, 8:43am , cycle paths all over the place. Blenheim Rd cars are slooow at peak times so not a big deal, but the motorway cycle path and up Annex Rd is better if going east to west.

daisyhill, Sep 21, 11:13pm
That PDF is slightly out of date, by the look of it. This page is newer:

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