Is there light at the well in Cashmere?

aphra1, Aug 17, 6:22pm
I'm out of water and just wondering if there's any lighting outside the well at Swan Lake? TIA

supersapper, Aug 17, 8:47pm
We went last week later in the evening - I think there was a streetlight as we could see what we were doing.

planespotterhvn, Aug 21, 6:58pm
There is a light in the well at the Historic Valley Inn tavern.

pettal, Aug 21, 8:48pm
take a torch .

jcmp21, Aug 21, 9:19pm
Go during the day

tygertung, Aug 22, 5:23am
Yes, starlight, moonlight. There typically is a large amount of ambient light in the city at all times in any case.

jcmp21, Aug 22, 7:22am
Wear night vision equipment.

cantabman1, Aug 28, 5:13am
If you are talking about the Well in Waimea Tce, then you should know that is now only open between 7am and 7pm due to tankers filling up in the night.

fekim, Aug 30, 8:09pm
I think it's Earnlea Tce isn't it?
And I hope Mr Laing will be paying income tax on what he makes from the sale of the stuff.

planespotterhvn, Aug 30, 10:11pm
There is a light in the well at the Valley Inn.

browny36, Aug 31, 1:13am
I would imagine he will be getting a tax refund considering the expense he has incurred sharing his well water with Christchurch.

supersapper, Aug 31, 7:10am
Why should he pay (if indeed he is, we've never paid for collecting water from his well) tax if the chinese don't? I think it's a wonderful service he has provided - I'm very grateful to be able to drink chlorine free water.

hidecote01, Aug 31, 7:49am
Mr Lang sounds a very nice man.

fekim, Sep 1, 7:16pm
You don't know him do you.

supersapper, Sep 2, 1:11pm
Innuendo is just nasty.

fekim, Sep 18, 12:58pm
Tell me again how nice he is will you?

This piece says it all
The cost of the water from the well has risen steadily since early August but the well's owner, Duncan Laing, said this weekend's price increase happened for no reason other than "because [he] wanted to".

tygertung, Sep 19, 5:48am
Will have to go to the Rhodes Spring at the top of the hill for free then. Would have to consider the fuel costs though.

supersapper, Sep 22, 7:17am
He's been supplying water for free for eight years since the earthquakes. He's put in good pipes and taps and gets it tested regularly for ecoli - these things cost and I have no issue with him recouping that cost. If the council hadn't ruined our water in the first place this wouldn't be an issue at all.

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