Who has tried the Alligator Pizza ?

doggybear, May 17, 3:11am
Are they worth it ?

gammycontent, May 17, 8:43am
Not if you are the alligator

essendon_bomber, May 17, 9:25am
Had Crocodile in Aussie, its quite tastie

tygertung, May 17, 5:52pm
You can buy crocodile at the church corner shoppes, one of the butchers there, it is frozen, probably from Aus.

jonners2013, May 17, 7:30pm
what a snappy thread

slimgym, Oct 10, 9:14pm
not very helpful, we were thinking of trying it out

if you look on his facebook page he seems to be having problems, fridges and oven. He seems to sell out really fast

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