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golfaholic2, Apr 21, 3:39pm
Odds on him being hospitalised before SR even look at settling ?

slimgym, Apr 21, 4:18pm
is that the guy on a hungry strike

golfaholic2, Apr 21, 5:03pm
At the moment . death might put an end to it

androoo, May 2, 8:56pm
I heard he was spotted munching on a pie in his caravan? all the videos i've seen of him, he didn't look like he was starving.

richynuts, May 2, 9:31pm
His claim has been settled

golfaholic2, May 3, 6:04am
Govt failure . should have never come to this .

david_270, May 3, 6:37am
I don't think its finalised, they have just agreed to a different process rather than continue the court BS games.

traykuku, May 3, 7:05am
Stupid man!

martin11, May 3, 7:38am
Probably thinks he is entitled to more that is actually required to fix to actual earthquake damage to his house like a lot of people fighting do .
Historical faults are not part of the earthquake damage ,but a lot of people fighting want a as new home when the home was not up to standard before the quake .

dottyone1, May 3, 9:50am
ouch that's a bit mean.

martin11, May 3, 10:25am
Probably true though ! If you look at the court list of claims including the ones finalized it show what a lot of people are doing , claiming for pre-existing damage .

gillian25, May 3, 10:46am
lets not assume anything . The case is settled and his hunger strike was his last option. It worked didnt! it ? .
Why when we live in this country do we need to resort to this level.
Corruption ,and not on his part.

Shame on that Insurance company.

martin11, May 3, 11:01am
FACTS .The case is not settled yet !

Glasson's home suffered significant damage in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. After years of back-and-forth with insurance company Southern Response, he turned to a hunger strike as a last resort.

In a joint statement, Southern Response and Mr Glasson say they have "reached an agreement" - and Stuff reports Mr Glasson celebrated by devouring a Chinese takeaway.

The agreement will see the case enter an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) process, taking it out of the court process.

traykuku, May 3, 11:41am
Lol. "let's not assume anything" then you go ahead & assume. Priceless.

articferrit, May 3, 12:10pm
and you're so opinionated, biased and judgemental.

traykuku, May 3, 12:20pm
Funny how when you put up something like this in "general" or "opinions & politics" there are many people that comment how happy they were with their repairs & their treatment from EQC & the IC's.
In todays press in a letter to the editor there is a letter from an advocate that has helped many people through the process & he says how fairly they were all treated.
Come onto the "Christchurch Moaners" board though & I'm biased because I have seen the other side where it is the policy holder that is being unreasonable.
So the people that keep on about "corruption" & "shame on the insurance company" are not biased ? Maybe you should look up the definition.

articferrit, May 3, 12:32pm
bias: a one sided inclination of the mind, a prejudice.
and just because you have seen some (dishonest) people trying to get more than they are entitled to, it also follows that an equal number of (honest) people have been denied what they are entitled to.

traykuku, May 3, 12:38pm
There is just as much bias towards the other side of the argument on here. You missed the point.
Nowhere have I said that "all" the people still awaiting settlement are dishonest but a good many are.

gammycontent, May 3, 1:04pm
Oh yes? Care to point to a few links that support this.

traykuku, May 3, 1:36pm
Why don't you start a thread in one of the other boards & see for yourself. Most steer away from this board as it is known for it's bias against EQC & the IC's . Most on here cannot accept that sometimes it is the policy holder at fault, in their eyes all IC's are "corrupt" & EQC intentionally swindled people. blah blah blah. but maybe these same people are guilty of not being all that honest about their claims themselves.

david_270, May 3, 2:04pm
You sound like an insurance company shill.
The people that fight are only looking for reinstatement of their home as per their insurance policy. Yes, there is often a certain amount of betterment involved, but that is usually inevitable when repairing or replacing something.
Are you saying that insurers are doing confidential settlements with claimants that are for more than their policy covers? Thats sounds extremely surprising, and I would be very interested in any examples you can give.
In my experience insurers are more likely to drag the process out, for example by shopping for different engineers as seems to have happened in Peter Glassons case.
Insurers do not care about the stress and grief caused to claimants, instead they profile them, and the weak get picked off for lower value settlements than stronger and better resourced claimants might get.
If you " go with the flow" insurers will make your path easier, and in the case of SR, claims managers were paid bonuses for reaching settlements. I've been told that bonus could be a percentage of what the "smooth" settlement saved compared to what the total exposure could be.

traykuku, May 3, 2:22pm
"Insurers do not care about the stress and grief caused to claimants, instead they profile them, and the weak get picked off for lower value settlements than stronger and better resourced claimants might get."

What absolute rubbish.

david_270, May 3, 2:43pm
Like the surveillance of insurance claimants & activists?

traykuku, May 3, 2:46pm
Insurance companies have always had investigators because there are always people trying to rip them off. This is nothing new.

martin11, May 3, 2:48pm
David_270 cannot seem to understand this .

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