Renewing Insurance.

steve198, Jun 10, 6:21pm
Its been a year since I moved into my new home. On day 1 I paid AMI a annual lump sum for house/contents/car as I got a $80 discount.

My question is; Is it worth getting a quote from another insurance provider (or are they much the same cost wise)? If yes what is another provider that is overall well respected from dealing with earthquake claims? In other words I wouldent want to be with the insurance provider that that guy recently had to go on a hunger strike to get his claim settled.

william1980, Jun 10, 10:21pm
His claim was with Southern Response, which only settles existing quake claims. It doesn't do policies.
I'm not sure you'd find a squeaky clean insurer in terms of dealing with 2010/11 quake claims but you should definitely shop around. I do for power, broadband etc. Stuck with AMI in the end as none could match my no claims discount.

jonners2013, Jun 11, 1:46am
For every insurer there will be lots of bad stories and a few good stories. By and large people who have a bad experience will tell others about it

turbogtx, Jun 11, 1:28pm
I bought a house 5 years ago and took over the previous owners' house insurance. In that time I had never claimed on the house insurance but year after year the premium would increase. Until just 2 months ago I got the new statement of insurance for the next 12 months and NZI had increased my premium by $500.00! I was absolutely disgusted so ended up phoning ANZ Bank - who my mortgage is with - and they agreed to insure me through their provider which is Vero and my premium with them is less that what it was last year with NZI. I emailed my broker and told them to tell NZI I told them to stuff it.

sw20, Jun 11, 3:16pm
I moved mine recently to Tower for daily driver and contents insurance and AA for Classic cover for my old car. With what I saved moving away from AMI, I got $250k of life and trauma cover. All for the same premium total.

IAG modus operandi had been creeping into AMI more and more. Big increases in both car insurance and contents. What really set me off to move was nearly a year after a not at fault car accident I get a call from someone at IAG saying they haven't got any money out of the at fault party and want me to take him to the disputes tribunal. Get knotted, not my problem, that is why I pay for full cover. If I wanted to take people to the disputes tribunal I'd keep the premiums in the bank and self insure.

xxsaffyxx, Jun 11, 4:03pm
(IAG), trades in New Zealand under the NZI, AMI and State Insurance - all companies with same ownership now.

mme, Oct 7, 10:46am
Yes some of the loss adjusters at IAG / AMI are just liars. I feel sorry for the AMI staff who were for the most part very good, having to work under the new regime.

I don't know how IAG can still use the AMI name as the MI stands for Mutual Insurance which since IAG took over they no longer run as mutual company. So the very name AMI is a lie.

When I move out of Chch I'll insure with NZ owned FMG

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