Reasonably priced clothing alteration place

carol113, May 14, 8:09am
in CHCh. After some jeans to be hemmed and don't want to pay a arm and a leg( Pardon the pun). Anybody know of anywhere to go please.

tygertung, May 14, 7:52pm
There is a good book in the library on how to do it if you are wanting to cut costs.

greybear38, May 14, 9:33pm
Chris's clothing alterations ,top end of Hills Road

carol113, May 15, 7:44am
Thanks all for advise.

brightlights60, May 15, 10:10am
If I could message you carol, I could do them in half an hour. Been sewing for nearly 40 years. One day a friend came around with something glinting at the end of her beautiful trousers. When I asked what it was, she said "staples". Unbelieveable. Had her whip them off and I hemmed them in less than 30 minutes!

katalin2, May 15, 7:38pm
I would be interested too

brightlights60, May 15, 10:07pm
I think I would google and ring around. I shouldn't cost more than $20 which is what I would charge, less than an hour's work.

carol113, Oct 11, 1:59am
thanks to all above.Sorry but just checked this thread now after getting them done in the city for $17.Was handy as I work in the city

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