Engineer Recommendations?

batty211, Dec 7, 1:45pm
I have just had my house assessed as a jack and pack to remediate the damage from two previous failed jack and packs. I may need to get an engineers report to fight EQCs engineers report. Does anyone have an engineer they've used and would recommend ? Thanks

gpg58, Dec 7, 3:13pm
Think i will be needing one too, have not had latest decision back yet, but expect the same.
Already they have said skyline and versatile will be quoting garage replacement, despite my stating i will not accept those light weight pieces of shit, as being like for like. Versatile chap while quoting, kept on saying "too expensive" re everything, like baby iron cladding as per existing, and mono pitch roof, hardwood studs etc etc.

martin11, Dec 7, 3:20pm
Hardwood studs ?

gpg58, Dec 7, 6:17pm
Maybe not, rimu heartwood?

david_270, Dec 7, 10:14pm
You may be better to work through your lawyer, because EQC just laugh at homeowners experts reports. And that is being polite.
Even with a lawyer they try it on.
Make sure it is an experienced insurance lawyer, not a family lawyer.
Red Fox and Terra are two companies who do homeowner work, but be aware most engineering consultancies may also work for the dark side.

batty211, Dec 7, 10:42pm
I'm sure I will have to work with a lawyer and my prospective lawyer has said he will need an engineers report. I have had Bevan from underfoot and his report is what got EQC back and finally getting a geotech and engineers report. I can't believe I am still battling this after 7 years. Thanks for your comments David. I appreciate it.

martin11, Dec 8, 7:31am
You would not use Rimu as a framing timber now to hard to get and too expensive .

golfaholic2, Dec 8, 8:55am
Martin is right , there will be a clause which says something to the effect "using commonly used building materials"

ronash, Dec 8, 9:33am
When EQC/Fletchers rebuilt our block garage, they reused all of our original wooden trusses. Property has many issues and currently in litigation. Redfox Engineers are being used by our lawyer.

benfolds, Dec 8, 9:58am
We got a report from Bevan which EQC laughed at. But then we got a lawyer on board and when they presented the same report EQC took it seriously. EQC then had an engineering report done which concurred with Bevan's report. It's pretty ridiculous that you need to lawyer up before they take you seriously.

martin11, Dec 8, 11:59am
EQC have no money left that is why they are stalling

rusticdog, Dec 8, 12:43pm
Yup, pretty much the same for me. The lawyer requested EQC put in writing as to why they rejected the report from Underfoot Services, suddenly it was accepted.

EQC then properly arranged to have an engineers report, which again said the same.

They've now put my claim over-cap.

david_270, Nov 7, 3:07pm
And if you now go overcap, and your IC is Vero, they are likely to invoke the SoL, and tell you to take a hike.

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