ken158, Apr 20, 11:34am
It will be another they can flick off when they feel like it…. CCC style!

jilledge, Apr 20, 12:07pm
Why would the Council even want it - seems ridiculous.

ken158, Apr 20, 12:39pm
They can sell and get some free money…! They are so $$’s thirsty.

Like Denton Park at Hornby. another area to please their dam selves
what they build later.

Chris Lynch gave a very good run down re council matters on newstalkzb this morning. no holds barred. The phone calls he received complimenting him for what he said, was unreal. caught him unaware a wee bit I think.


slimgym, Apr 21, 1:20pm
and all those houses going up in the riccarton racecourse

ken158, Apr 21, 2:29pm
Hell yes.
and there is a going to be a few there. all most like a mini township.
I wonder if the Race Course will relocate and they develope the rest of it too.

slimgym, Apr 21, 4:23pm
hope not, I think it was on the yaldhurst road site, then on the over side where there is a paddock,
I noticed the other while walking through the racecourse the trees have got a number on them

ken158, Oct 14, 4:41pm
I will have a look myself soon. Thanks.

I used to live just around the corner off Yaldhurst Rd - Steadman St area.

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