Police chase through Avondale towards wainoni

babyonboardnz, May 25, 1:18am
Heap off cop cars screaming passed

craftylady1, May 25, 8:22am
*waits for jcmp to read this thread*

babyonboardnz, May 25, 9:55am
woke everyone up in the house about 5-8+ cars could hear it heading towards dallington with more cars joining them gayhurst towards shirley back towards burwood then about 2pm cops were going back towards qe2 rd and round locksley ave river side they were moving i see a facebook page were saying shortland st avonside dr its the third one this week we have had cars go through at high rates of speed minutes later the cops on there tails havn't see an thing on stuff or press you would think this is more news than a bloody stadium for one sport, rfu they are rich enough too pay their own way or that nutter trump and who cares about that wedding now that was so last week william,s was better

eionflux, May 25, 10:14am
With the price of petrol how can people afford to be chased.

babyonboardnz, May 25, 10:35am
i don't know, but we were paying for the cops gas bill, probably stolen car

babyonboardnz, May 25, 10:38am

shortee2, May 25, 11:03am
Car is probably stolen, so they aren't paying for Petrol anyway.

jcmp21, May 25, 7:05pm
So rude screaming around the streets at 1AM with sirens blasting, engines revving. The sirens should be made to not work after 8:30 at night and not before 9AM.

tygertung, Oct 8, 6:54am
I was in Indonesia last week and the fuel was quite cheap, about 70c a litre. Seems to be more expensive here even though we have our own refinery up north. Don't we drill our own oil here?

Needs to be more trams, trains, cycle lanes etc so we are not forced into using cars for transport.
Probably a conspiracy in the government to get more tax off fuel by making driving the only option for transport.

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