Tradies ripping off clients with Air Point purcha

nightsky1, May 8, 11:55pm
A lot of Tradies are having a laugh at their clients.
When your tradesman purchases thousands of $ worth of supplies that you pay for, they are putting all your air points on their own personal cards.

They have to get their regular trip around the world some how.

An honest tradie would pass the clients air points onto the client - surely.

Ask your tradesman where your points are.

franken1, May 9, 12:28am
Yeah, if they were really honest they’d also pass on the big discount they get from Placemakers and the free sausages from Trade breakfasts.

oclaf, May 9, 12:31am
If you asked me that question I'd look at you sideways and file you in my idiot box.

tygertung, May 9, 4:02am
Well perhaps you should buy all the supplies if you are worried about a few points, never mind the trade discount.

In fact just do the work yourself, most of it is easy enough.

brightlights60, May 9, 9:22am
No, actually you are wrong.
If a person owns a business, they own the supplies they use and how they purchase them. If they use their business account to purchase the goods and those purchases reward them with "points" they belong to them, the tradie.
When you pay your bill, you are paying for the parts, labour, travel. You are paying for a service. No way are you paying for the purchase of the parts and the points accrued.
Its all in the name on account the goods were purchased with. That account owns the loyalty card. At no point are those points transferred to you.
Hubby has had his own business a couple of times and been rewarded with trips, appliances etc for the amount of stock he has bought off a wholesaler. Nowadays he works for someone else, they get the trips, regardless of how hard hubby works, the points accrued by the owner of the business from the wholesaler have nothing to do with him. (Occasionally he gets things, which is nice, but unexpected!).
If you want free "stuff", get your own loyalty cards, with a business, and all the headaches that are involved and then enjoy the freebies.

jon9, May 9, 10:08am
I cannot tell if you're being serious?

nightsky1, May 9, 10:31am
So are you going to send a post card to thank your clients for your next families business class trip to Europe ? or forget to mention it.
Who's paying for the supplies again ?

nightsky1, May 9, 10:43am
Actually I don't have a problem with a business handing out rewards to it's staff, like trips away. Good on them.
That comes from a thing called profit.

Using a clients money as I have described is a little bit different.

nzmax, May 9, 10:47am
The tradie is still paying for the supplies, unless you have a "labour only" type contract, where you purchase the materials and products required for the tradie to put together, which in that case you get all the air points offered by the supplier, problem solved.

brightlights60, May 9, 3:24pm
They are not using your money. They own the business. They buy the parts. If you have a problem with it, buy your own parts and get the company to do any work for you using purchased parts. The incentives the wholesaler uses is so that tradies will buy their products in bulk. There is fierce competition between the wholesales for the custom of the tradies. The incentives do not belong and are not earned by the clients of the tradies. Most tradies I know work long and hard hours and do not actually have money, its all on credit. Until the plonkers like you (clients) pay, they have to use their credit to pay their wholesales. Hence the big mortgages and everything on credit.
Then someone like you chirps up with "oh, the incentives the wholesaler gives the tradie should be passed onto the customer", gosh, I thought I had heard it all. Wait till I pass this "gem" on to tradie hubby and his boss.

brightlights60, May 9, 3:27pm
Next time I have guests to stay I will make sure I pass on all my flybys and any other incentives I have to them. After all they are eating my food.
Oh, and I had the cleaning company around this week. Our sleepout flooded, so they brought in driers and chalked up around $100 in electricity. I better hand over all the incentives I get from my electricity company to them for using the electricity!

brightlights60, May 9, 3:28pm
Exactly. Point is, OP is never going to use enough of the points "earned" with their tiny little purchase to get anywhere. Maybe a bus ticket into town. Those trips take a year or so, buying in bulk every week from the same supplier to get a trip.

espri, May 10, 10:34am
nightsky, i think your bulb has blown hence why you're in the dark

you pay your tradie for an all inclusive service which includes parts and material.
The tradie owns those parts, material and whatever until they are in your house and you have paid for them. If he uses his trade account and gets "points" well that's OK.
He owns the trade account, he owns the money, and he owns the goods.

If it bothers you that much, go labour only and collect the points yourself

babyonboardnz, May 10, 11:05am
i use to talk to the owner of three shell petrol stations they did get flybuys points on every fuel truck worth of petrol bought 10000 ltrs a month +, then all the points for stock each month eg. oil milk and more, and then they would also swipe there own card for the customer who did not have their card, they were flying around the world every three months or saving them to replace all house hold appliances, packs of wine, and high end free products all at your expense, tradies are not that bad then wonder if new world get the same deal on flybuys or airpoints, remember we are just sheep in this country bleat bleat bleat, how about moaning about how much ccc is spending on white elephants and how much they have stuffed the cbd, cycle lanes, roads, water, all top end heavy look at what citycare were paying so few staff,,millions is begin waste on consultants every day now, sack them when you disagree with there reports and blame them for your mistakes

greybear38, May 22, 7:21pm
The tradies are getting very little in comparison to the professionals. There is not a lawyer or accountant in town relying on Flyby points to live very comfortably.

fekim, May 22, 8:02pm
I know of truck drivers who fuel up at Z, pay with a company fuel card, and swipe their own flybuys card. They get heaps of points at the bosses expense.

tygertung, May 23, 3:32am
Not the bosses expense unless the boss owns the company.

cagivachick1, May 23, 5:47am
nope because flybuys are already on the fuel card

corkranb, May 23, 9:01pm
I am a builder with an account at Mitre 10 and can confirm you do not get air points if you use your trade discount.

pico42, May 28, 11:14pm
No, not at all.

pico42, Oct 9, 4:42pm
This sums it up very well.
OP, the air points are not the clients, they belong to the entity making the purchase.

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