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pettal, Nov 15, 9:24pm
getting a tad dry .

lyndad59, Nov 15, 10:15pm
Suppose to rain on Friday ,going by the weather lady on the News

paulmc, Nov 16, 12:20am
A few showers late Friday according to the Met Service website.

pettal, Nov 16, 4:51am
Believe it when I see it - a few showers wont do much .

craftylady1, Nov 16, 6:00am
probably as soon as Mr C and I set out on the motorbike down to Tekapo

tygertung, Nov 16, 6:26am
Later in the year.

brightlights60, Nov 17, 5:06pm
Well I gardened today and usually when I do, it rains and my family tell me I caused it. But, we haven't had a good soak in weeks. Garden needs it.

kacy5, Nov 17, 8:22pm
Spitting in Nth Canty now. Not enough to do any good yet.

serf407, Nov 17, 8:23pm
Get some paint out or go and mow some pasture.

slimgym, Nov 21, 6:40am
looks like to day is the day

brightlights60, Nov 21, 10:50am
And again an epic failure! Hubby has been replacing the hoses with the retractable ones to make my life slightly easier. Out to water the garden, again!

craftylady1, Nov 21, 12:23pm
Rain has been forecast for weeks. Oh well, good to get the washing dry. I never believe the wx forecast. tend to look out the window each morning

brightlights60, Nov 21, 1:26pm
Who would believe it to be so dry after that wet Winter.

brightlights60, Nov 21, 4:39pm
Geez Crafty, its a bit black looking over your way from over here. Are you expecting any thunderstorms? Really weird, its gone really bright over here.

lyndad59, Nov 21, 4:44pm
Hubby wants to spray the lawn ,keeps asking ME what's the weather forecast :( He could have done it the last 3 days BUT they did say it was going to rain Lol

craftylady1, Nov 21, 5:31pm
No. but it kind of felt and smelt like rain. Must be a bit of humidity. Oh well. Im heading to Akl tomorrow, so BOUND to get some rain there. lol

brightlights60, Nov 21, 6:40pm
Daughter is up there at the moment studying. Am going up in a couple of weeks to bring her home. I think they are getting some wild weather in the next day or two.

craftylady1, Nov 21, 8:30pm
Hope not as Im looking after 2 year old g/s Thursday and Friday, then g/d birthday oarty Sun pm. home Sunday night

brightlights60, Nov 21, 9:09pm
Should be okay, just chatted with daughter on phone and tomorrow especially is going to be a nice day. Have a lovely trip.

brightlights60, Nov 22, 9:38am

samanya, Nov 24, 6:54pm
It's damp here, fine misty barely wet stuff falling from the sky . not enough to help my poor garden atm, but one can hope!

craftylady1, Nov 24, 7:31pm
None in akl l so far👌

articferrit, Nov 24, 8:56pm
its actually raining!

vivienney, Dec 4, 10:26pm
Okay - so when is it NEXT raining?

slimgym, Dec 5, 6:38am
ok ok I will put my seats on the swing chair, that will bring on rain, but not till Thursday I want a fine day Thursday, or I could organize a BBQ that always makes the weather change

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