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hayster94, Dec 5, 6:39am
At the rate it's going we will be lucky to see any before Christmas lol

slimgym, Dec 6, 5:54am
ok so hot at work last night I came home and put the cushions on the swing seat now waiting for the rain. Someone said at work 32 on Friday, Work in a warehouse only 2 fans on pedestals, no air con. We all walking around sweating.

paulmc, Dec 7, 1:42am
From the Met Service website. Friday 33, Saturday 31 and . wait for it . 28 on Sunday with brief showers.

tygertung, Dec 7, 6:44pm
It rained this morning.

jon9, Dec 7, 10:51pm
You are mistaken, more like a fine mist in the CBD. Didn't even register in the rain gauge

brightlights60, Dec 9, 1:34pm

Its that rain and a drop in temps on the horizon? Will believe it when it happens! Just a day or so not having to water the garden would be lovely. What is nice though is eating with the tribe outside and the beautiful temperatures late at night. Was in Auckland this week, coming back to Christchurch was actually hotter!

tygertung, Dec 9, 7:02pm
We had a couple of drops for a sun shower this afternoon. Probably evaporated instantly.

alophia, Dec 10, 8:07am
Raining in Trentham

brightlights60, Dec 12, 11:45am
Not much in Redwood. Its only around 15C though. Got the house open to try and cool it down from days and days of hot temps. Hopefully we get a really good dump of rain. Sky is grey enough.

samanya, Dec 13, 3:19pm
More beautiful rain here.
I'm so happy!

articferrit, Dec 13, 3:42pm
Its actually raining, again, right now!.

babyluthi, Dec 13, 6:49pm
It. is pouring here atm:D

samanya, Dec 13, 7:31pm
Here too, I'm ecstatic.
My garden has perked up instead of looking rather 'manky/sad' . I have rainwater storage but I save it for the vege garden & my rainwater tanks are filling up . I have to keep going out & getting wet to pump the water to my big rainwater tank but this means that I will have enough to use sparingly over the summer. bring it on!
Whoo Hoo . thanks mother nature

brightlights60, Dec 13, 8:12pm
Very heavy and has been for around 3 hours here. Drove out of town this afternoon and met it coming. Gosh, its a total drenching, perfect for the garden.

cloffie, Dec 13, 9:39pm
I wonder how the Flockton Basin and the Heathcote are coping

articferrit, Dec 15, 8:28pm
its raining again!

treecave, Dec 17, 7:10pm
15mm in ash in 15 minutes today. over as quick as it started though.

jonners2013, Nov 6, 11:49am
^^^ oooo hope it works its way up to ChCh, my lawn is starting to look a little sad.

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