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janbodean, Dec 10, 9:09am
Or more appropriately why doesn't a Kiwi do that and sell to the Chinese? That would make sense.

janbodean, Dec 10, 9:10am
Everyone in Christchurch should do it.

planespotterhvn, Dec 10, 9:32am
Like crowdfunding, crowd bottling, Each household gets paid for each household bottling to a NZ export company. Free water in CHC. AKL will have to pay a water rate.

headcat, Dec 10, 11:06am
And importing it from Malaysia.

fekim, Dec 10, 8:41pm
Geeze you spout some bullshite! How many noisy trucks a day? Do you honestly think they will be able to produce 4 million bottles of water a day? And even if they did, when the wool scour was in operation, they drew up to their maximum quantity on their consent, and ended up pouring it down the drain, or discharged it into the Waimak river. Did that bother You? No. But now because someone wants to make money out of it, it's not okay. In a roundabout way, Kaputone made money out of it because without the water, they didn't have a product to sell. Get off your high horse and look at the wider picture.
Oh, and it's NOT our water. No-one owns it. It's an infinite resource below ground.

iwikiwi, Dec 11, 7:22am

amrist, Dec 11, 8:43am
water has been taken from the south island as ship balast for decades for FREE !
people in high places think of various ways to buck money and pull strings , you can only pull strings in you get in parliament .
no one owns the water because the people in parliament made it that way . the same with the sea bed . what on the sea bed ? = oil and minerals

the public dont seem to realise they own nothing , its all been legally taken / conficated .

itsme30, Dec 11, 9:01am
1 million litres of water is 1000 ton=30 truckloads.if you draw down the ground water from a bore you drag everything down from the surface-.the faster you pump the faster the ecoli will get there along with leachates.
if you want to bottle water it should be taken prior to it entering the sea as surface water and at a specific height above the river bed

martin11, Dec 11, 9:27am
The place is right next to a rail siding probably go out that way to be shipped overseas .

ryanm2, Dec 11, 9:25pm
Everyone should do some light reading before losing their rags over this. Whilst I personally dont agree about bottling water and sending it offshore (at the very least we should make money from it) the amount (4.5 million per day) is nothing compared to what the dairy irrigators pump out day in, day out.

planespotterhvn, Dec 11, 9:58pm

planespotterhvn, Dec 11, 9:59pm
Sign that petition. Spread the word.

miffycat1, Dec 12, 6:43pm
i have just read an article on Stuff which will probably appear in the CHCH Press that confirms what i had heard.
Absolutely disgraceful that this is happening,
Everyone needs to sign the petition against this bottling plant.
What does our city council think they are doing to let this company take so much water, charge the Chinese Company peanuts, but think they can charge the city ratepayers for water usage ?

fekim, Nov 7, 7:01am
We don't pay for water.

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