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golfaholic2, Dec 9, 11:01am
Dyslexia combined with the hiccups maybe

janbodean, Dec 9, 11:13am
My thoughts exactly.

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 12:30pm
I made it up and it means my iwi is kiwi - we are all kiwis if we have permanent citizenship and that includes Maoris as well. It's called patriotism for my country New Zealand.

planespotterhvn, Dec 9, 12:48pm
#WhoseWaterOurWater Occupy the chinese water bottling factories!
This is not Free Trade, this is foreign asset stripping and theft!

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 12:56pm
Ratepayers charged 500 times more for water than bottling companies

samanya, Dec 9, 1:04pm
I'm on severe restrictions now, unheard of before Christmas, I'm only allowed stock water & household . no hosing . zilch.

billsmith, Dec 9, 1:10pm
And iwikiwi has just proved he is a racist sn*tgobbler!

billsmith, Dec 9, 1:12pm
As you will know, ratepayers are not charged anything for the cost of the water.

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 1:22pm
Water bottling companies are profiting from the water and should have to pay for water as they are extracting it to make a profit from exporting it. It's nothing like homeowner ratepayers who are only taking water for household use and not to make a profit.
The article says that RATEPAYERS PAY 500 TIMES FOR WATER than water bottling companies. You only hear what you want to hear carpetbagger.
What's inside the bottle is ALL water so they should be paying for that water as all of the water extracted is 100% pure NZ water - a mineral - and is being exported for profit.
You don't see oil producing nations letting foreign nations extract oil for free out of their nations and exporting it for profit. Ratepayers are subsidising water bottling companies because they pay 500 times more for water; lying carpetbagger.

kevymtnz, Dec 9, 1:24pm
pickit the place and get it shut down

mopeds, Dec 9, 1:26pm
NZ and Oz are to be submerged into China under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which you'll hear about after the TTPA is signed. The world is being divided into 3 economic regions each headed by China, America, and Germany, we fall under China which is better than the other two based on Average IQ, and consumption China will eventually dominate and become the seat of world Govt.

mals69, Dec 9, 1:49pm

As for the lady from the council, she not heard that
hundreds of wrongs do not make a right ?

overtt, Dec 9, 1:55pm
time for a Neil Roberts Intervention

lakeview3, Dec 9, 2:04pm

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 2:08pm
They should be paying for every litre they extract as it's 100% pure natural solid mineral water extracted from the ground and it naturally turns into solid form when it is put into a vat or bottle. Every bottle should have a mineral tax on it.
Water for profit is as valuable as oil for profit. Ratepayers are subsidising the water bottling carpetbaggers.

mals69, Dec 9, 2:15pm
Yeah we giving away "gold". Bugger all clean water left in the world.
Could be our greatest export!

doggybear, Dec 9, 2:44pm
Not many would remember that . This I fear is just the start

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 2:51pm

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 3:25pm
Check out this page link and note under key highlights, what the final bullet says:
'Bottled water is threatening Chinas groundwater and Asia's glacial watersheds. It's time for a bottled water revolution.'

mals69, Dec 9, 3:45pm
Very interesting read, thanks.

Wrecked their own water supply, now over here
to take ours for nothing.

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 4:38pm
It's just madness and not what we pay the local Councils wages to do; especially when our rates keep going up and up. Same can be said of Environment Canterbury as both letterheads are on the Rates bill you receive.
Why didn't the local Council start up their own water bottling plant and get a PLEDGEME page for equity where all kiwis could buy shares in it by crowdfunding? That way the profits stay in NZ and shareholders eventually get a dividend and spend the money in NZ. That would be a better idea instead of making foreigners richer and all the profits being shipped offshore and local ratepayers rates keep rising while the foreign owned water bottling company pays $100 a year to extract 4 million litres of water a day.

mals69, Dec 9, 5:01pm
True, you ever thought about running for council ?

junie2, Dec 9, 7:07pm
Have recently been out country and observed the Plains Water Scheme works ( called something like that ) which operates between, and merges water from the two major rivers to irrigate for dairying. . What a huge impact it has had on the countryside. Anything before it has fallen - 100 yr old hedges, fences, trees etc. Yet still, we noticed the Waimak level was very low, and cow cockies were irrigating in 33 degrees. And ( once again ) we are facing water restrictions. Govt and local govt is MAD!

planespotterhvn, Dec 10, 8:04am
#WhoseWaterOurWater #Occupy #StormTheFactorySite #BungTheBore #PeoplePower #StandingRock #NoDAPL
Who is with me?

iwikiwi, Dec 10, 8:57am
I probably won't as too scared of getting arrested. protestors get treated like criminals these days even though they are not.
My grandfather lost his position as a sawmill manager, many moons ago, because he wanted his workers to join a union and protested with them.
I think he was so effective and eloquent, that he nearly caused a riot.That was back in the late 1800's or early 1900's. There's a photo of him in the Encyclopedia NZ or some such name, in the business section. (photo taken before he was sacked)

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