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doggybear, Dec 8, 6:08pm
So is that where all those stacks of their workers head off to every morning ?

jeffm13, Dec 8, 6:56pm
pics or it diddent happen

mals69, Dec 8, 7:26pm
Bloody council should be bottling it and selling it! And
lower our rates.

All us rate payers paid to build and maintain the water infrastructure,
and our coucil charges the chinese $100 a year for the water permit, allowing them to pump 4 million litres a day. Million of dollars to be

Doubt anything will change into the future, country and regions
run by a bunch of muppets!

miffycat1, Dec 8, 8:18pm
I heard that the company has the workers sleeping at the factory & paying them peanuts. Any one else heard any thing ?

doggybear, Dec 8, 8:29pm
Im not sure but there are S@#t loads heading North each morning. Could be that or the new motorway.

jonners2013, Dec 8, 8:52pm
Shit loads of what?

mals69, Dec 8, 8:59pm
Funny the semi covert footage on one news, chinese
guys outside the plant looked suspicious, like they were
waiting for a drug deal to go down.

fekim, Dec 8, 9:12pm
They aren't bottling any water as yet. They're still converting the factory.

junie2, Dec 8, 9:20pm
Ironic that they are permitted to bottle water to sell o'seas, and we are currently facing water restrictions.

spyware, Dec 8, 10:56pm
I water my lawn all night.

shannie1998, Dec 9, 4:06am
Check out last nights TV1 News on demand.

They did a big story about it.
2 new plants setting up side by side in Belfast with workers currently converting the factory.
The Chinese owners (of just one of the bottling plants) has a concent to bottle up to 400 million litres of water a day

Cost to them each year for the concent - $100

As long as this Council doesn't ever ask me to conserve water.

So much for the big promises, during the election, to charge the bottlers, no matter.what, for the water. Jacinda said last night it was against our unilaterial trade agreements.
Fiji did it - why can't we?

jeffm13, Dec 9, 7:24am
Because we're a democracy, and in a democracy the voter always gets raped and yet they beg for more.

golfaholic2, Dec 9, 8:35am
Note Lan's comments . farmers are taking hundreds of times more

Wrong on all levels IMO . good old ECan and National .

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 8:40am
The Environment Officer, who was speaking about farming, from Environment Canterbury, on TV3 news last evening, is of Chinese descent or a new immigrant from China, and you can bet she is biased against Kiwi homeowners and farmers, at the expense of Offshore Foreign Chinese water bottling companies who are fleecing the ratepayer dry.The Company only has to pay $100 in water rates, annually, to extract 4 million litres of water a day out of the ground.
Sounds like all other ratepayers are subsidising the water bottling companies massive profit making and water rates of $100 annually.
The locals also oppose the building of two massive water bottling plants inside the city zone. More noisey friggin trucks on the road 24/7 to keep local residents awake and ruin their health and well being.

utu4, Dec 9, 8:46am
Why don't you guys set up a water bottling plant and start selling in NZ then?

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 8:47am
China is turning our a new millionaire every 5 days - that's communist for you!
We don't have access to the funds and slave labour that Chinese billionaires and millionaires have - that's the reason why.
I might start bottling tap water and sell it at the gate to help me pay my rates bill.
all you little kiddies out there - now's the time to start selling water at the gate during the school holidays. Bottle it and sell it to Chinese tourists - find out where there buses stop and approach them with nicely labelled bottled water or take it to a local farmers market .
Great way to protest about water bottling plants and then call it racism against NZ born kiwis and local home renters and owners when an inspector from the local Council or Environment Canterbury approaches you.
Everyone in Belfast should do that as a protest and it would take up all the Councils time to inspect and would make headlines around the nation! One way of protesting and making sure the media turn up!
PEOPLE POWER - how the little guy can beat big business. You can't prosecute a whole suburb such as Belfast, for selling bottled tap water.

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 9:09am
Well spoken! There's Asians and Chinese in senior positions at the local council and they don't like NZ born kiwis getting ahead. I had terrible problems with one when I was trying to get a resource consent to build. They're racist against lower class NZ woman who own property. Chinese and Asians in local government council are into caste-class systems and are racist against respectable lower class white woman.
There's no reason why the local Council couldn't have owned the bottling plant or demanded they own 51% of the shareholding before the consent was approved. The local council run a successful Recycling Eco Store and Depot so no reason why they couldn't have been in on this water bottling plant.
There's absolutely nothing in these deals for homeowner and small business ratepayers - only wear and tear and depreciation of council owned infrastructure and the local council wages that all ratepayers have to pay.

overtt, Dec 9, 9:12am
An ignominious end for Kaputone Woolscour,a founding industry of Belfast along with the two freezing works,Canterbury Frozen Meat and Borthwick and Sons,and Zealandia Soap Works.I have many fond memories of my time there in the 70's and 80's.Now it's just a p(r)oxy Chinese Canton

mals69, Dec 9, 9:13am
Because the market is flooded. (excuse the pun)

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 9:18am
Water it twice then because I don't water mine.

mals69, Dec 9, 9:24am
Cheers iwi, if the folk in Belfast started selling tap water no
doubt they would be slapped by the council for turning a
residential area into a businesss area etc. Health department
would no doubt poke their head in too.

Suprised Maori tribes have not all joined forces and protested
about this, thought they were meant to be for the preservation
of the long white cloud ? (waits for killiing of moa posts)

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 9:31am
Water is the equivilent of oil in todays world and and they are also buying a New Zealand brand when they sell NZ water. Doesn't sound quite the same if you say, Chinese bottled water or Indian bottled water.
People who own properties in Saudi Arabia probably don't pay rates on their homes because the Arabs own all the oil. So why our local government would give away a commodity as valuable as water to foreigners is madness. If the local Council owned 51% of the company then those profits would be going back into getting down ratepayers annual rates bill. At the moment it looks like ratepayers are subsidising a foreign owned business and there's nothing in this for locals. You wouldn't see the Arabs giving away oil to a foreign business. Or just charging them $100 a year to take 4 million litres of oil a day.

mals69, Dec 9, 9:46am
What about my Maori tribes comment ? Take it you Maori ?

Good chance there is a behind the scene deal going on
between our government and the chinese. (mutual back-scratching)
With Taxcinda already breaking her pre-election promise to tackle
the problem in question, it only adds to strengthen the "Back-scratching"

iwikiwi, Dec 9, 9:56am
I'm not Maori and they have a track record of selling lots of their land given back to them in tribal claims to overseas foreigners. Same with their businesses. Even native forests that were put into their guardianship have been sold to overseas foreigners once they take ownership of them. they don't walk the talk.
There is a partly owned bottling company, somewhere up north, that has some Maori tribe involved. It's a start up business that hasn't got off the ground yet.
Don't forget that it was the Maori Party that sided with National Party, against Lab/Greens/NZFirst legislation to have a register of the names of foreign companies that owned NZ land and whereabouts. I think the Maori Party were against the idea of transparency because they didn't want to be exposed for selling off NZ land to foreigners when the talk is different to what they do in reality.

mals69, Dec 9, 10:28am
Interesting - cheers, all abit like when a golf course was handed back to
maori and year later was pushing it to be fit for cows.

Curious how your iwikiwi handle came about ?

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