Another budget blow out / chlorine treatment!

ryanm2, Jun 14, 12:05pm
Our council are so out of their depth it’s beyond embarrassing.

gammycontent, Jun 14, 2:14pm
Lets put out some numbers.

Cost to keep water safe $40m. Up 25 times
Cost to fix 49 wells $840,000. Now at least $35m
Cost to chlorinate $669,000. Now at least $2.25m

No. of people identified who failed to keep well heads in safe operating order = none

No of well heads currently being repaired = none

Amount of chlorine needed to make water safe = "Y". After complaints, amount of chlorine needed to keep water safe = "Y" x 0.5

Number of incompetents in CCC = greater than 1 and less than infinity

granda1, Jun 14, 5:24pm
Well you do have to admit they are good at doing something. The trouble is that what they are good at is stuffing up.

bassmo1, Jun 15, 6:37am
Your council, I'm so glad I moved to Selwyn. They are a bunch of crooks by the sound of it, telling people it would cost so much, then raising the cost after the fact.

slimgym, Jun 15, 7:49am
they cant get anything right, bout time they all resigned

lm446, Jun 15, 10:39am
The chlorine fiasco is a total scam.
1) chlorination will not prevent infection with water-borne parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia
2) there is damage of the underground sewer lines that is probably contributing more to the problem than bore heads. The council will know this and do not have the money to do the repairs (probably spent on some bauble or a consultant group.

It is noticable that the CCC is now blaming the Medical Officer of Health for chlorination.
Testing of the Avon River regularly turns up antibiotic resistant E.coli of human origin, adding to the evidence of sewer (not bore related) contamination.
Next election could someone please stand a party based on CCC doing core duties alone, and with sufficient testicular volume to drag the CEO before them and tell her to get her act in place and clean out the incompetent pillocks who infest the council?

gradji, Oct 6, 3:14pm
The chorine in the water is pretty good at keeping the toilet bowl clean.

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