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lazkaz, May 9, 5:44pm
Having one created along our road as we speak on my my poor house is going to collapse I think. Cannot stay at home with the noise. Cannot think and certainly cannot have students here. I am not sure about them, and of course it's design is going to be like the fantastic ST Asaph St, (not). Hey I ride a bike and drive a car, and wish we could use our bikes more however why use an already narrow street, why not widen Ferry Road and use that as a direct link into the city. Seems odd to me.

tygertung, May 9, 6:06pm
Is the noise of the chains going around the sprockets a bit much?

kacy5, May 9, 6:18pm
My parents, like many folks, couldn't afford a car in those days so we had to bike or bus to where we wanted to go. There was a much smaller population in ChCh which made biking much safer than today.

jilledge, Jul 10, 2:23pm
Is it just me, or do these just seem to be a waste of time?

stevexc, Jul 10, 2:29pm
Possibly. But the one which they will build down Harewood Road in a few years will allow me to get to work almost entirely by cycle lane, so I'm keen.

Now if I can just remember where I left my pushbike.

benfolds, Jul 10, 4:40pm
Only a waste of time if people don't get off their backsides and use them

tmc1, Jul 10, 4:54pm
yes your right - waste of time getting people out of their cars, they are addicted to them. You should just stay in your car stopping others from getting anywhere and leave the people who want to go somewhere using their bikes on the cycle lanes

golfaholic2, Jul 10, 5:33pm
The things wont be used for half the year .

You cant cater for everyone . going to prove a failure IMO

tygertung, Jul 10, 6:43pm
They seem to use them in Denmark and the Netherlands year round and the weather is WAY worse over there.

Most of the time in the winter here it is actually pretty mild 5-10 degrees, just a bit cold on a frosty morning. Easily comfortable with a warm jacket, gloves and long trousers. Warm gloves are important, the thorax keeps pretty warm by itself when peddling. It only seems cold when you are sedentary, a body exerting itself generates 1600% more heat!

strobo, Jul 11, 10:54pm
Just like the millions of dollars poured into Maerewhenua gravel lined cycle track that meanders along the Waitaki Valley .Rarely used if not at all .And if it is used it is mostly by dopey tourists who don't really spend much on their travels but avoid camp grounds and public toilets .Definately not an investment for the future , most of that track is washed out on the watertable and unridable . What I see around Chch is pristine lined cycle ways and the roads actually are still rough as guts rippled to hell even after parts have been resealed/why bother resealing if they can't level a road out first ?, beats me! Of course its all a waste of time and money.Common sense tells me there are way too many unfavorable factors for cycle ways than favorable , so why have they gone ahead and done it anyways?

tygertung, Jul 12, 5:27am
So you are saying that it is better to discourage people from cycling and get them into cars. Won't that just lead to more traffic jams and damage to the roads? Surely it would be better to get more people onto bikes so that there is more room on the road for the people who want to drive cars?

fekim, Jul 12, 6:24am
A pretty little cycle-lane along a roadside ain't gonna get me on a bike. It's time the cyclists got their bums off bikes and into cars so we drivers can have our wide lanes again.
And by the way, we ain't in Denmark or the Netherlands

ryanm2, Jul 13, 8:18pm
thats the spirit!

slikchik, Jul 13, 9:16pm
they built a cycle lane down Russley road - never ever seen anyone brave enough to cycle down Russley road

foamyone, Jul 14, 6:24am
Can see what they are trying to do but the execution is terrible.

tygertung, Jul 14, 6:42am
I doubt that there would be enough room for a two lanes if you got rid of the cycle lane so it would just make the massive traffic jams worse. The cars seem to take up a lot of room on the road. I can't see why all these car drivers don't just use motorbikes?

glendikoorey, Jul 14, 8:49pm
You don't need to cater for everyone. It's the school holiday effect; take 5-10% of traffic out of cars and you will see a big difference. And even in winter too, apparently:

glendikoorey, Jul 14, 8:53pm
Hmm, let's see, Christchurch is basically flat, has low rainfall and low humidity, and has moderate temperatures that barely go below 0 or above 30. Most places are within 10km of the central city (half an hour riding). And we already have 7% commuting even before doing anything significant. Seems pretty favourable to me.

drsr, Jul 15, 7:51pm
Cycle lane usage is pretty healthy already, but it will really take off as ebikes get cheaper and better. I'm not keen on ebikes personally as they negate most of the health benefits of cycling, but they do solve urban transport and parking problems for people who don't feel able to get on a regular bike, or think their commute is too long for a bike.

morrisjvan, Jul 15, 10:21pm
We didn't have any urban transport or parking problems until they made the roads damn near impassable and took away most of the car parks !

vic008, Jul 16, 9:34am
99% of cyclists are recreational.When need to get somewhere seriously its bike on the rack.

drsr, Jul 16, 9:36am
Heh when was that, in the '70s? I see this notion a lot (that Christchurch was some kind of driving and parking utopia before bike lanes came along), it's complete BS.

jonners2013, Jul 16, 9:45am
Christchurch, like a lot of NZ has been spoiled by having a tiny population in a large space and over generations now, people have become accustomed to being able to drive wherever they want and park right at the door. That will, without doubt slowly change.

Despite what the negative people like to say, there are actually a huge number of people now working in the CBD. If even a fraction of those changed to cycling, everybody wins.

Because NZ is such a new country, it grew up in the age of the car, so everything about our cities has been designed around vehicles. That is and will continue to change but it's going to be a slow process, largely because people are so resistant to change.

drsr, Jul 16, 10:59am
It's really only been that way here for a few decades, look at (from 01:30) for instance, public transport and bikes easily outnumber private cars.

gillian25, Jul 16, 1:04pm
Should we register and warrant cycles to pay for the cost of these cycle lanes? Or should we not pay for our cars anymore to be on a par with them.
I object to paying ACC and RUC for the time I use the roads and cyclists pay nothing. How does that work?

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